March 7, 2011

Wordless Monday - Freaky

Happy Monday everyone.
I'm still exhausted and slight bit sore from last week's kick-off and fun first carnival days. *more to come now!!* shoes for this time of year are extremely heavy (and trust me, they are heavy and just perfect for this fifth season - no need to worry about your shoes getting dirty, walked on, wet, etc) and I blame my sore body on them as always. Someone or something in this case needs to take the blame. :)

I am extremely "home sick" too...saw pictures and videos of some fun back in California...I'm so jealous!!!
But good things are ahead now.

And today, is another that will probably end in two days from now.
Yes, no more sleeping for me!!!
So I apologize for my absense, yet again.
Can't believe I stayed offline so long. 

Carnival time, I heart you very much!!

♥ S ♥


Courtney said...

have SO MUCH FUN :)
I love Carnival :)

Those Magic Slippers Will Take You Home said...

try to focus on things going on where you are, maybe that will help your honesickness, i am the queen of being homesick though, so i cant say to much! Glad your back!

samnhal said...

I hope carnival ends up being so much fun, and helps to raise your spirits until you can get back to California.


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