August 23, 2012

A little drained, and a little out of juice!

I think we all experience these days when we just feel nothing goes fast is such a day. Yesterday was such a day, too.

I posted this on Facebook last week and one of my best friends said "that is so me!!".
She was so right. This is me, too. Not every day of course.

How about you?! 
Is this you, too?!

What do you do to keep up?
How do you survive long, endless-looking days?!

I usually set goals, and make sure I satisfy all of them. By noon. Or maybe two in the afternoon. And if so, I am happy and feel accomplished. The next couple of hours I can just well, somewhat relax. My motto usually is, the faster something is done and ready the better and easier the rest of the day or week will be. I am a procrastinator but I taught myself to work on certain things early and fast (and accurate of course) so I can enjoy my weekends. And I love my weekends. They start Thursdays at 12.15pm to be exact. I so don't want to trade with anyone!

Don't be jealous!

Have a good day tomorrow lovelies!


P.s. I am sooooooooo drained these days. School started again. And I have a little writer's block - or let's say a topic/idea block. I am out of juice. 
Any suggestions?
Tips? Ideas?

Anything is greatly appreciated.


Meghan said...

I think everyone is feeling this way lately! No worries, girl - you will get your groove back! said...

I have been up for 2.5 hours by 9:13 (on a weekday) and just gearing up for the rest of my classes. I crash around 4 because that's when work/school is over and I have time to sit. lol...weekends I'm up and at 'em by 10 and try to do everything I need to by 2 so I can sit and watch tv without feeling bad haha

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

That quote made me laugh out loud! I read somewhere that if you haven't made progress on your tasks by 10am, chances are that's your day gone! So I try to get as much done by 10am - even if I only get to work at 9am. I just stay focused. Then I find that I'm so encouraged I want to get through more of my list :)

Ashley said...

I haven't been posting quite as much because I've been pretty busy! I reckon that's acceptable :)

smk053078 said...

Take time for yourself and get some rest, sweet girl! Don't over do it!!!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

How can we not be jealous of a weekend that starts on Thursdays at noon? Lots of caffeine helps me get through long, seemingly un-productive days. That and staying off of pinterest, which can kill 2 hours in your afternoon easily before you even know it.

Ocean Dreams said...

Did I say that?! I can't remember but that is So me ha ha. there are days where I am really productive though. It just depends!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I usually experience this moment in the day a few times! lol


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