August 13, 2012

Weekend Update - Back in SoCal

Hey everyone!

How was your weekend?! Busy? Lazy? Boring?
Mine was a bit of everything. My weekend didn't really start off nicely, it started off rather boring. I am still on vacation (one more week left though) so I really wanted to do things. BUT, what can you do without a car (yes, I'm looking!!! Any help coming my way would be appreciated just saying!), and with a huge headache lingering, California summer heat and mixed feelings all together?! Not so much. Though I managed to do something so here we little recap:

My head was spinning but I managed to walk to Target in the morning and buy some necessities, and then went to South Coast Plaza in the afternoon. I wanted to feel girlie but comfortable, so I wore jeans (yes yes!) and my lovely pink flats even though it was about 90 degrees.

 top: zara / jeans: sonoma / flats: from Italy

For months we have been struggling with some annoying neighbors that cannot throw their trash away. There are two chutes, one for trash and one for recycling (personally I think the recycling one should be separated even more but that's the European in me). Well, there are neighbors that put their nasty trash bags just into the trash room and let it be. They are too lazy to actually open the chute and put the trash in there. I mean, how difficult is it?! Come on!!
So, when I went in to throw trash away I saw a note on the wall pretty much complaining and reminding those lazy neighbors to throw the trash down the chute like everyone else. The note was hardly visible so I took it and put it outside the door AFTER I returned to throw more trash out and found two huge trash bags in the room again. I cannot tell you how disgusting and stinky it I took the note and put it right outside the trash door so whoever it was that couldn't throw his or her trash away normally would see it. Well on Friday someone wrote NO on much for consideration and rudeness. So irritating. I might as well just write the same note with nicer handwriting again!!!

Besides the trash incident and the constant wondering who it actually is, I went out and took the bus to a shopping center. I am not a fan of public transportation here (even though it's clean) and I much rather prefer to drive but I needed to get out and needed to get back into a routine so I took the bus and went shopping at TJ Maxx and Ross. Seriously, if I don't feel like going to a regular mall I really love going to these two stores. I didn't buy a thing which is great but still somewhat enjoyed my little shopping trip. Of course, I was naturally it wasn't as much fun as if I was shopping with a friend but it was somewhat fulfilling. And to see sunsets is always one of my favorite moments!

I spent time by the pool, watched buff guys show off (not attractive by the way), saw our semi-famous (or famous?) neighbor, and then headed to the mall. They had an event going and we decided to go into of many photo booths and took pictures.

 My friend Marjan and I going a little crazy?!
Sorry for the bad quality...had to take a picture of the picture!

We decided to head to Laguna Beach and have brunch at The Cottage. It's one of my favorite places and I just like its vibe and ambiance. I recommend the French Toast, and even the Laguna Scramble which I had. And a bit of walking around Downtown Laguna and along the beach was fun too. :)


And in general...I have two things to say about this turned out better than it started, but it could have been better all together...and I decided on two things: Justin Bieber's song As Long As You Love Me is kinda fun, and the Dance (A$$) song is not my favorite and kind of disgusting. Cannot stand it whatsoever. Bleh.

My weekend was interesting! HA!
How was yours?!

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Shelley said...

I love those pink flats! Yeah, public transportation down here is not great!

Jamie said...

Like you, one of my first stops whenever I've been traveling is Target. Sounds like a fun relaxing weekend.

Abbie said...

Looking for cars is driving me crazy! If anyone gives you any advice feel free to pass it along to me...:) Looks like you had a lovely weekend! Except for the "trashy" neighbors (see what I did there? ha!)...have a lovely day!

xoxo Abbie

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Who does that?! What rude people! That doesn't even make sense to carry it to the chute and leave it there! Ugh!

Pretty pics and yay for a great breakfast! Thanks for linking up :)

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Trash left out in the heat. Oof. I can only imagine. That is SO rude!

Sounds like you got a lot of fun shopping time in! I'm glad the weekend brightened up for you!

smk053078 said...

I absolutely love where you live. I have been there a few times and fell in love with the scenery and weather!! Sorry about your RUDE neighbors! What jerks!! ;(

Sami said...

Ew i hate trash and rude neighbors! Wait, so who is your semi famous neighbor? I must know ;) Thanks for linking up!

Brit @ Confessions of a PinAholic said...

The breakfast looks delicious. I'm jealous! I wish I was on vacation. At the beach! Love photo booths!

Alyssa @ Sugar, Spice, and a Dash of Advice said...

I lived in a building with trash chutes like that in the past and people did the same thing!! They would also leave weird items like furniture in the trash room.. so rude. I feel your pain with horrible neighbors... our upstairs neighbors are a nightmare and we had to call the police 3 times this weekend on them for excessive noise and banging on their floors/walls on purpose to keep us awake. It's so insane. The rest of your weekend sounds fabulous! :)

Leesh said...

As Long As You Love Me by the Biebs is my favorite song of the moment.

I'll be hitting up Ross today since I'm in NorCal. Hope I have some luck with finding things. said...

I loove Laguna Beach!! That sucks about your neighbors. Maybe you can set up a video camera and catch who it is and then post pictures...just an least something I would do, cuz that is so gross!! glad you had a good weekend despite. And who is your semi-famous/famous? neighbor?

Christina said...

For real with the rude neighbors? Who writes "no" on a note? I would be furious! I love your pink flats!! And your breakfast looks so good!

Stopping by (a little late) from the linkup! :)
Christina at Easily Entertained

Ocean Dreams said...

sounds like a lovely weekend and still can't believe your neighbors. Yuck and they are super rude!! Must go to this restaurant sometime and As Long as you Love me is fab!!

Sam Morgan said...

I love this post. I love that we're now both back. I'll have to come out to Cali before you leave again, or maybe we can meet in Vegas or something. And seriously what rude neighbors!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

From trash incident to a wonderful brunch by the beach. At least your weekend continued on an uphill trend!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

What a rude neighbor!!! I can't believe they wrote that on the note. Welcome back to CA!


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