August 17, 2012

Turquoise Friday Inspiration

As summer is slowly leaving us - have you noticed that the sun sets already earlier? - I really want to capture the last couple of weeks full of hot air, sunshine, blue skies and whatnot. My favorite color this summer, and well any other summer really is turquoise. It gives me a cool feeling, wanting to suck on Popsicles and drink refreshing margaritas. Though, a little pink had to be added too...otherwise it would not be perfect! What do you think?!

Have a lovely day and weekend!
I was busy on Wednesday (hang out with Sierra from Ocean Dreams), and yesterday, well, the pool called my name and I couldn't really say no to that. 

Any fun plans planned for the weekend?
A friend is coming down from Ventura County and I believe we all are hanging out. And even if not, I'd be probably reading and looking for a car. Bleh. And enjoying my last weekend before school starts again. What was I thinking, really?


P.s.: New Header is up...Blog Button will be replaced soon as well!! :)   Like or Dislike?! 


Antonella Leone said...

great blog dear <3 It's so pretty <3<3<3 I've also a blog :) If do you like also we could follow each other :D

borka gamero said...

So inspirational! Lovely blog! I adore it!
follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin? let me know in the comments... will be more than happy to follow you back!
Have a great weekend!

Tere Ávila said...

great post honey, i really love the beachhhhhh


Sarah Lewis said...

great blog , tnx for sharing :)!

I hope you'll visit sometime, I would love you to tell me what you think :)


Shelley said...

I love turquoise!

Ocean Dreams said...

Yaaaay I love this post and all of the turquoise. We still need to have a pool day too. Love the layout and I see your button made it safely to the side, horray!

Ocean Dreams said...

Oops, *hooray! Lol.

Ashley said...

I love those rooms with turquoise and white :) I want to find a way to decorate my room like that!!

Sam Morgan said...

Can I live in the land of these pictures?

Leesh said...

love this colour combination!


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