August 28, 2012

Evidence Doesn't Lie

Hey lovelies!

I'm letting you in and tell you a secret.
I love commercials.
Not the ones during Superbowl, although yes, they are funny, good and weird, too. I prefer regular commercials between shows, movies, and what not. Granted, it gets annoying when a movie is super exciting and then baaaammm some silly commercial comes along and ruins the suspense. Though I still like commercials. Well, love is more the word for it. I get to see what's out there, get to laugh, or wonder who in the world came up with what they came up with to show us all...I don't like skipping through. So it is no wonder that today's post involves my favorite commercial these days, for the past couple of weeks actually.
Though before I share it with you I just want to say that ever since I got back from Europe I still need to get used to the differences in commercials here versus there. It's big. Very big. Not just because of the language, but because of the content. Love differences like these. So fantastic. favorite commercial is probably one you all have skipped through, ignored, or loved as much as I have. I just lighten up each time it appears and I cannot tell you how much it makes me smile! It's that crazy. Maybe I'm crazy. Go figure. After all, you know the name of my blog. :)

So, here it comes, my favorite commercial of this year. Have fun!

"I'm not buying it" made me laugh out loud the first time I heard and saw it.



Al said...

LOVE THIS! And I was one of those that probably thanked my DVR for letting me run through the commercials ;)

I know it's not the same thing, but I ADORE previews at the movie theater. Love, love, love. My favorite part :) See? We all are quirky like that. But you, my dear, are the first person I know who loves commercials!


Christianna said...

Hahahahaha that is epic! I don't watch "real tv", so I never see these! Love it!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

HAHA!! I am not a commercial gal and have tivo, which consists of me fast forwarding through everything. The gargling and green drink, check!

Ann said...

I have to confess I switch channels when a commercial pops...
but this one is cute and fun.

erock said...

Lol, I must say, you have GOT to be in the minority on this topic, but it's cool to meet someone who actually likes commercials. I hate them, but my wife has a certain penchant for ads from time to time. I work a lot of overtime for Dish, so TV time is very scarce for me; I like to record my shows, and when I got the Hopper DVR I found out about the Auto Hop feature. It lets me skip the ads on my Prime Time Anytime recordings, and saves me a ton of time when I'm trying to get through my playlist. For my wife though, and any other “Commercialphiles”, rest assured: the Hopper doesn't delete the commercials, but hides them for later use if you want to catch up :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

You like commercials? You're an alien! ;) Kidding! I am a fan of the DVR and skipping commercials lol.

Ocean Dreams said...

Ha ha commercials make me laugh as well. Never have seen this one. I never watch commercials except when I am WAY too lazy to fast forward through them. Even then they are amazing and entertaining.


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