August 7, 2012

Quick Hello

via my Instagram

Hey everyone!
I am back in California.
It is hot. It is sunny. And it is overwhelming.
All in a good way.
I am still jet lagged but am getting slowly back to normal.
Suitcases are empty, and I'm about to work on a few things so I am ready for school.
I wonder what made me go back to school.
I know there is no shame in going back to school and learning more.
Trust me, I always liked school but thought that after I graduated I would never return.
I could never image going back to school and learning and studying and turning in stuff again.
Now I am doing all of that.
It is not as weird as you may think. And quite honestly, I am glad I am doing it.
With 18 or even 20 you just do something so you're doing it.
Some of us have passions and we go for those...but in general we are just going to college so it's done.
Today I see things more clearly.
I am not looking forward but that's normal.
If I was working I wouldn't be looking forward to work either. 
Same thing.

But I digress...
I wanted to say hello.
And I also wanted to say that I will be writing regularly again soon.
Just give me a few days.
I am still officially on vacation.
I need to enjoy that, no??

Hope you're enjoying this week.



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