September 24, 2012

My Weekend...

...Happy Monday.
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I had a mellow weekend. Worked a lot for school, rented a car and drove around the area. It is so different to drive around and see places and streets in a different light. I mean, I know all these places but driving to these places makes it looks like I don't know them at all. It was one fun adventure. And yes, I rented a car. I still don't own one. I could get one, but I have my doubts there. And when in doubt I better go with my gut feeling. 

So, Baisley* and I drove around. I shopped a little while she was waiting in the shade and enjoyed being part of the southern California roads. Next time, I'm hoping to get Baisley* again so I can visit people for a coffee date or something. Who's in?! LOL
*Baisley is the name I gave my rental car. Yes, you read right, I named my car. So what. Why that name? It's a combo between the Turkish word for "white" and a somewhat cute ending with an "ley" there you go. It doesn't mean a thing just felt right naming the rental Baisley!

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Oh, and I finished reading a book called "if i stay" by Gayle Forman. For more info on the book, visit the lovely Christianna's blog and read more. She did a wonderful job reviewing it. I had bought this book and its follow up in May. As it is I also forgot those books in California and flew to Europe and was mad at myself because I really had no good books to read. Then, entering the room our lovely music blogger stayed in in July while visiting Europe (if you haven't read her recaps you should - they're awesome!) I saw that same exact book lying on the floor and just knew it was a good one. After all, I think we both have similar taste in I knew we might even have similar taste in books. :) And yes, it is one heck of a good book!!!

Not much else happened here.
I did homework, read, rented a car, shopped (scarf, cardigan, blouse, new Swiffer stuff) and oh yes, watched a ton of TV...caught up on all Parenthood again. I had seen most of the episodes of last season but somewhat forgot so I decided to make a marathon out of it. It was GOOD. I am so ready for a new episode of this season...sooooo ready!! Oh, and of every Saturday evening I watched SNL. I know I'm such a loser. Hahaha. But I like it. It's fun, it's direct, and a little corny at times...just the way I like it. Not to mention the great hosts they're usually having. This Saturday night was fun again.
Did you watch it?

What did you do this weekend? 
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Amy Powell said...

renting a car & just driving around sounds awesome.

have a great week :)

Jamie said...

I was full on TV catch mode over the weekend too. I was working on a photo project and used marathon TV watching to keep me going.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I totally forgot I want to read that book, thanks for the reminder!

Christianna said...

Oh man, I love a good drive around! And thanks for the shout out! "If I Stay" really was amazing and "Where She Went" is just as good! Read it next!

morgan said...

parenthood is hilarious! can't wait for more of it!

i have a car, but honestly, i believe that if you can go without one, do it. one less thing you have to worry about in so many ways! especially if you live in l.a. (kinda hard not to have a car if you live in rural montana or something)

came to your blog via the weekend update link up today! glad i did :)

Ashley said...

Beyaz :)

Do you also drive in Switzerland?

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I definitely need to pick up that book. I'm always looking for ones to add to my (never-ending) list. Lol.

And I haven't seen SNL this season yet! I'm glad to hear it's good. I'll probably catch up online. I think I just became so sad that K-Wig is gone that I unintentionally boycotted it. :P

I hope you have a great week!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I drive for a living (in sales) and I love silence sometimes, hehe! BUT then I jam big time!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

We need to meet up!

Ocean Dreams said...

Glad you had fun driving Baisley around and I've seen that book at Target before - looks good! ;)


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