October 18, 2012

It's OK Thursday....

It's OK ...

That it is cooling down over here (finally!!).

That I almost got run over by two bikes today...actually it's NOT ok.
(really, use the effing street to ride your bike, don't sneak up, and don't drive like a maniac on campus...you are NOT alone!!).

That I wasn't feeling well yesterday, or the day before.

That I haven't gone to Starbucks in over a week.

That I ate a whole salami by myself.

That I'm looking forward to a fun day on Monday.

That I will not be attending one class on Monday because of the fun things planned. (shhhhh!!).

That I feel like crap being very anti-social lately.

That a simple Halloween Card made my day sunny and bright! (Thank you J!!) ;)

That I snuggle too much with the dogs.

to go to bed at 8.30/9ish on a regular basis now. Not sure why.

to miss Europe sometimes (and its fall weather!).

to have sore legs from dancing too much at Zumba!!

to finishing up homework and whatnot so I can catch up on Criminal Minds!

Happy Weekend everyone. It always starts on Thursday for me.
More, happier, photo-loaded posts are on their way soon...just when life happens or nothing happens at all it's not as easy to pretend that everything is okay. Bleh. But today felt like a good day, I also think the wind and gray clouds have a lot to do with this...it's gorgeous!!!

I linked up with Neely and Amber, have you?!



Mills said...

The salami comment just made me follow your blog...and hungry. I like your style!

Sam Morgan said...

That's ok you haven't gone to starbucks in a week, you're paying for your birchbox membership! Looking forward to Monday? That's a new one :)

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

It looks like you've had a really fun week! It's definitely okay to have sore legs from dancing too much at Zumba! But over here, it's definitely not okay that it's still 2 degrees in the morning. Hurry up Summer! xoxox


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