October 10, 2012

California Fall

The palm trees are changing color! Yay!
Finally! ;)

I love fall. Leaves change color, temperatures drop, colors in fashion and style change, pumpkins are out and pumpkin patches are a fun thing to go to, and I can finally wear funky looking socks. Hmmm...this was pretty much fact last year here in southern California. It was cooler. This year? It's a tiny bit different. We had 104 degrees on October 1, and the following days were pretty much 90-degree-hot-and-dry. Though by the end of last week and this week it cooled down a little. Thank Goodness. I thought the weather needed a special lesson on what fall weather really meant. I wanted to give it a D- just because it failed to notice it needed to slow down and let go of summer.

This definitely changed this week. I cannot believe we're having temps in the 70s. Yes. All of you out there not living in this area of the world and experiencing a cooler and wetter fall season...embrace it. Really. I miss rainy days. Just one, not a ten-day rain day. But one gray day per week that lets you wear a sweater and cuddle up with a hot drink in your hand without making you sweat just by the thought of it would be terrific. I'm so happy fall decided to return to southern California. Sooooo happy. I can finally wear different clothing. Hahahaha!! I know, I'm so dramatic!!

I'm still in the middle of all kinds of tests (really, what was I thinking?!!) but I'm enjoying life, education, and southern California. My midterm today got postponed due to my prof having had a terrible car accident last week. She's fine but on meds and couldn't come in at all. One day we had a sub for one part of our midterm but today she couldn't manage to find someone. I feel bad. Then again, more time for me to sleep in, study, get prepared and get healthy (stress makes me sick!).

And I think rain is on its way...literally people...it is!!
Will I remember how to open or even use an umbrella?!?

Hope you are having a fabulous, cooler fall day.
And I hope you embrace it no matter what.
I'm off drinking apple cider. 
Just felt right. ;)



Christianna said...

It's raining here right now!

Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

As a Cali girl I do love it there but nothing beats Fall in Chicago (midwest). Although come winter here I am missing Cali!

Alexa said...

I love love fall. Being in Northern California is my favorite. Although I'm not complaining about Southern California!

Ashley said...

I miss my palm trees!!!

Shelley said...

It's finally cooling down here!!

Anonymous said...

hi there! newest follower to your blog! i live in AZ and it is FINALLY cooling off here too :) fall is upon us!

so happy to have stumbled across your blog and would if you followed me back!

Anonymous said...

That's the only thing I didn't like about Cali was the lack of seasons :/ My friend the other day who was out there with me was talking about how much she missed it! I used to joke around about the depressed people on the random rainy day there. "Uh oh! It's raining! They're ready to jump!" haha :P Glad it fall like for you! :D

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

It's been such crazy weather. I never know how to dress. The sunsets have been really pretty lately though :)

Amy Powell said...

it rained yesterday for an hour & was cool the rest of the evening. just perfect. (though, upper 90s today thru the weekend, boo!)

hope you have a fab weekend!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It finally started cooling down a little bit and now it's suppose to get hot again. BOO!

Sam Morgan said...

I had no idea palm leaves change color. The seasons aren't drastic enough for them to change color in Cambodia. I hope rain is on it's way. I'm loving the cooler weather, but soon enough the cold will be here.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

So pretty! Fall has totally come to Seattle now!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i think it is summer 2013 already because of these temps we have been having lately, ugh! i want a real fall here in CA


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