October 2, 2012

Test Day

This has to be my motto! 

We have all been there...high school, college, even after college...tests and the stress related to those suckers. I doubt that any of us likes any kind of tests. Whether it is going to DMV and renew an expired driver's license or take that darn test again because maybe you had too many tickets at some point (for the record, my license was expired and I never had gotten a ticket before in all my years of driving!), or apply for whatever job that requires a test, or just answering a few questions that will determine whether or not we made it to whatever point in that field or questionnaire. Answering questions and getting the right answers is never easy...let alone remembering specific details. No thank you.

Today is one of those days for me. I have a huge test. It's got three parts and sounds super easy but I know deep down it is not. It requires my brain to function properly and work with me in that particular moment (75 minutes to be exact). My pen also needs to be working (I always have spare ones with me), and the questions just need to be normally phrased and understandable. I have had this professor before so I kind of know what to expect but it still freaks me out a little thinking about it. 

So, here's what I came up with in regards to learning/studying/cramming stuff into my brain and how I approach my brain to calm down and make myself feel better and be okay with today's test. 

1) sleep properly
2) keep hydrated
3) eat healthy
4) review each class session/notes after each class and before each class
5) rewrite things, and mark things in your notebook
6) don't over think - make it sound logical and easy (even when it involves the Roman Empire)
7) laugh at funny notes you took and take a break too
8) don't study too much...too much is never good
9) Skip a day of studying - it helps
10) Don't forget to live life a little too.

I know, school is important, good grades too if you look at it but life happens too. And it is happening way too fast sometimes. So I take my time and try to enjoy as much as even possible. There's TV for example, and living in California helps too...it's been rather sunny and hot out so a stroll around the area is always fun and should never be skipped. Fresh air also always helps the brain to relax. 

Or of course...just have the textbooks next to you while getting distracted on your smart phone. I am in love with my phone and my apps. :) Twitter and Instagram of course are my favorites. And yes, there's the old Facebook too but I kind of don't feel the need to use it as often. It's a fun break that's for sure!

So, once this test is over...I'm gonna be reviewing for another class...because in one week I'll have two more tests to get prepared for. Those I'm a little more concerned about because I have absolutely no clue what to expect. Fingers crossed my logic way of studying works as well for that class.

And hopefully, really really hopefully I can then relax a little more and focus on life as well. That's mostly important to me. Life. Gotta get my act together and meet a few people soon...really, before this year is over. I don't like saying "oh, I'm gonna see you soon". Soon to me is hopefully by next week or in two weeks, not in five months. HA! 

I know, life happens for all of us differently. I just need to focus on it more, and force myself to be more outgoing...sometimes I feel like a total loner here. :( That's really not why I came back. Not liking my current state. And this portion of today's post is basically based on the books I had to review and work on. It's all about life lessons, and fate. It played a huge role in the past and is playing a role in the current present. So why not take advantage of it and follow that path. 

As of next week, I do not want to be a loner anymore. Nor a sad sad being.
Please remind me each day of my little promise here!!
Thank you.


Ashley said...

goooooood luck! But I don't think you'll need it.

Tests are often my enemy. I'm happy I don't have any in my grad program :)

Jamie said...

Good luck - I am sure you will do amazing.

Meg {henninglove} said...

good luck on your test!! what is it on? you will do just fine selma just keep those tips handy and be calm

Meg {henninglove} said...

good luck on your test!! what is it on? you will do just fine selma just keep those tips handy and be calm

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

My last 2 classes before graduating were supposed to be easy but the finals were the hardest I ever took. it was HORRIBLE. Good luck with your test lady!

Sam Morgan said...

Ah the dreaded midterm time. I hope you do well on your test. I always liked writing tests, ending it with an essay and pushing your time to the wire. Oh man, I hope you reap the benefits of all of that stress and do well!

Ocean Dreams said...

I think I think too much too, even though I don't study! Lol hang in there lovely. You'll do fine. xoxo.


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