October 22, 2012

Almost Halloweeeeeeeeen!!

It's that time again...where I can't stop myself from watching horror movies, eat a little more candy than usual and get excited about fall decoration, pumpkins and spooky sounds. :)  I even found a few things to spice up the daily sometimes dreaded cooking...yay me! 

Have a look and let me know what you think?!
Are you excited as much as I am?!

 And now to the yummy part... :)


I'm ready to make a fun pizza...are you?!

But before...or maybe after I enter a house like the following.

Fingers crossed y'all.
I had a rough Sunday evening!!
Lost one of my most important essays and had to rewrite everything from memory.
Lesson learned.
I know.
But it hurt.
Nothing seemed to work and let me restore nor find the file on my USB drives (plural!!).
Oh well.

Fingers crossed!!!!


SEL said...

Cute pictures!! Love them.

I'm sorry about the writing. :(

I can totally commiserate though. During my senior year of college, my LAST class I needed to graduate, my computer erased my 32 paged senior thesis the MORNING it was due. Devastation was an understatement.

I had luckily printed out a pre-edited copy of it during the night, (one of many all-nighters) so I was able to retype it up.


Ashley said...

The melted cheese...so clever!!!!

Thanks for reminding me to SAVE SAVE SAVE my essays. On other drives as well. ha.

Sam Morgan said...

ahh! Losing essays are the worst!!! I'm sorry you lost it, but that's good you were able to recreate it.

I'm SO stoked for Halloween!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Eek! that pizza is amazing! That would be so much fun to make, will have to try it next time we make pizzas at home!

Christianna said...

That's no0 good about loosing all of your writing! I hate when that happens.

I love this post other then that news though!

Mills said...

I saw the cheeseburger pic last night on pinterest, I'm going to attempt them this weekend. I hope they come out good!

New Life in Spain said...

The pizza and burgers are my favorite photos of all these, so smart. I think I would love to be in the US for Halloween once, it seems like so much fun!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

But it sounds like you did it! Love all the food pics!


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