December 26, 2012

That was December...

 ...remember, I wanted to update you all. I think it's time. What do you think? I know, long overdue but I thought with the year ending (and obviously not the world ending) I should look back and update a little so at least I can start 2013 beautifully. 

Let's just say my finals went well even though I had hardly any time to study. I was busy running left and right, meeting my bestie, helping with the doggies, sending Christmas cards and presents, packing, shopping, living life obviously, and attending a Christmas/Birthday party in Hollywood. I really wished having at least two bodies if not three...but I managed it all and survived. Can I get a "yay!!" YAY. 

And here are the photos.

I had had problems with my stomach for a while and went to see my doctor. 
I was told I might have an allergy but I should look into everything longer and cut certain products out of my regular/daily diet. So...I stopped eating anything that had gluten in it. Had to go indulge in some yummy pizza before I did so. And Pieology (they have gluten free dough too) spelled my name incredibly interesting. Should I start spelling it with a C now?

Turns out I might not be gluten-intolerant so I'm okay...but I'm still cutting stuff out. It's an on-off project and my pain comes back from time to time...grrrrr.

Anyways, my bestie Sierra came to California (finally) and even though we literally failed to take photos with us I found a few I took while we were shopping at The Grove. We had a blast. Girls' time is always fun and always needed!

Right before my finals started my friend's holiday party as well as birthday party was held in Hollywood. One fully weekend full of fun and all I could think of was how I could and should remember parenting styles, stages of moral development, and how The Greeks treated women and glorified war more than their own flesh and blood. So, I took all my notebooks, my flashcards, my PJs, my black dress, my high heels and somehow didn't study. Whoops. But we had fun! :)

The W Hollywood was pretty amazing...and those rooms? Comfy. ;)
And yes that's not me in this's my friend M. posing for me because she does it so much better than I do. ;) Oh, and while we were taking a quick stroll around the hotel we found this lovely palm tree. Unfortunately we forgot to go back and add some more gum...but hey, we will do this next year for sure!!!

And as much as I'd love to share a photo of me from that party I would rather not. Let's just say we had fun, the shots were yummy and the photo booth was the best idea ever. The DJ sucked, but then we went to Drai's and everything that might have gone wrong before (not that anything went wrong besides the DJ) vanished in seconds. Good thing we all had a hotel room...driving back down to Orange County would not have been the best idea. 

But here's two photos of my Christmas gifts this year.
For months I'd been looking at these Kate Spade Sunglasses. I was blessed enough to have awesome roommates who knew what I wanted. I am in love.

And my bestie spoiled me with a bunch of cute treats too. Among many my absolute favorite gifts of course were my awesome shirts from Splendid and Ella Moss - both are my very favorite!!! She knows me too well. Thanks again. Can't wait to wear them...could not bring them to Europe since it's so cold here.

And now I'm in Europe.
My flight went well. My finals went well too (if you were wondering).
Christmas came and is now gone.
I stayed home with mom. Didn't do a thing, didn't get any gifts so I dreamed of the ones I received before I left sunny California. My jet lag is almost gone but this time it's definitely a pain in the you know what. Never had such a hard time. So annoying. I'm determined to kick some ass tomorrow though and just ignore Mr. JetLag because that's no way to treat a girl like me. :) 

But I have to admit I miss this little boy too and his fluffiness. ;)

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Happy December 26!
It's a holiday here too, so nothing was open and I slept all day...and watched some holiday movies. Best time ever!



Anonymous said...

Glad your finals went well honey! :) Enjoy being overseas! Once you get back Stateside you'll dream of going back.. lol Miss you, doll!

Steph xx

I changed my url so now I'm at

Meghan said...

OMG, your December was crazy! I hope you have gotten some time to relax. The W hotel looks incredible! :) Happy Holidays, Selma!

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

Yay for getting through it all and taking time to enjoy it :)

Sam M said...

Holy cow, no wonder you weren't blogging much, you were busy girl! But it looks like you had a lot of fun before you went, and lovely Christmas gift exchange with friends. said...

Yay for finals being over and surviving them!! Those suckers are worse that the threat of the world ending haha!! LOve the glasses and I am a huge fan of pieology!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

You've been busy!!! I love that gingerbread guy!

Ocean Dreams said...

Ahh this post made me smile! So glad you loved your presents and seriously seeing you was my best present! ;) Love how your pics turned out and lol I was thinking the same thing - we needed some pics of us together! That's on our must do list for 2013 bestie! Glad you had fun at the W. and with M. too. Fun times and you did a great job with making time for everyone...yay! ;) xoxo.


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