February 27, 2013

Bye February

Two months of 2013 are now officially over.
I cannot believe it!! 
These past two months for me were challenging, not at all fun, and just blah. 
However, I enjoyed a few things like seeing friends again, going to Huntington Beach for some pre-marathon fun, buying a necklace I just LOVE and winning giveaways. 
The latter really made me smile and my heart jump for joy.
Thank you Meghan and Leeann!

And that's my new favorite necklace ever...can you tell I love California?!
I ordered it here.

So hopefully March will be more fun...and more productive.
 Things will turn around. :)
They just have to.

So, February, you were an okay month.
You were emotional, draining, and just not pleasant.
You showed me sides of people I never thought I'd see and it made me sad.
You showed me that good things can happen too but only in a slight possible way.
So, here's to a fun new month full of promises and hopes.
Here's to March!!!

Bring it on!



Brianna said...

Lucky girl winning both those giveaways!!
And I LOVE that California necklace!! I've had it pinned for some time... love the color!

Christianna said...

Yay for winning so many cool things!

Unknown said...

Lucky!! I have yet to win a giveaway..

Why Girls Are Weird said...

That necklace is SO pretty!

Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

Love that necklace!

Leia said...

Oh my goodness-- I need that California necklace in my life!! So cute. {p.s.- I've been re-vamping my blog a bit & added grabbed your button to put on my "fave reads" page-- check it out here: http://latitudeadjustment1.blogspot.com/p/good-reads.html} and p.p.s if you're gonna be in Ventura County late April/May- let me know 'cuz I'll be back by then! =)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love that CA necklace!! I can't believe it's already March! Crazy!


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