February 19, 2013

Gluten Free Moi

Most of you already knew that but yes, my lovely readers I am trying real hard to live Gluten Free; for lent that is. I luckily am not gluten intolerant BUT I might be. Months ago I experienced rough tummy aching days and my friends were concerned. I was concerned, too. I mean, having constant stomach aches for no real reason stirred some questions. 

What did I eat? 
Am I sick? 
Do I have allergies? 
Clearly I can't be pregnant nor is it the time of the month, so what is it? 

It bothered me. My doctor told me to cleanse my body week by week by let's say not eating gluten for a whole week if not two, then a week or two of no dairy products, etc. It wasn't easy. I think having a gluten intolerance is the worst (and I know a few that are gluten intolerant - sorry guys I'm sending you a hug!). I survived my funky eating weeks and thought I was just under immense stress and pressure and therefore broke out and had stomach issues. Well, those issues returned. I am a little under pressure but not like before so clearly I must have some sort of intolerance. Needless to say I was happy to see lent come around so I can finally work on that "healthy plan" of mine.

So....Gluten Free it is...for now.
It's not as big of a problem so far. I'm only on day 7! I don't like bread (yes, shocker!!)...then again, if you have been to Europe you know what I'm talking about...bread there and bread here are two different stories. :) I love the one there, not so much the one here and I'm not willing to go out all the way to get "real" bread. Glad I am doing well so far. Luckily I am not craving my beloved pasta either. Yet. Let's hope it stays that way. 

And I really don't want any tummy aches anymore. I'm done.

Are you gluten intolerant?
Or have you tried going on a specific diet?

Let me know.
Anything you could recommend helps, really.

Seriously, let me know.



Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Well done. 7 days is quite an achievement. I'm not gluten intolerant so I'm not too careful about these things. I don't eat much bread but like you, I LOVE pasta. Unfortunately I can't give you any advice but will definitely be here to keep supporting you :)

Sam M said...

I'm glad it's going well so far. I used to get CRAZY stomach aches every single day. I went to a natural allergist and found out I was allergic to sugar. That's why cutting things out didn't help, because it's literally in everything.

Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

I have been gf for almost two years, I have Celiac. I feel so much better!!! It gets easier to eat and eat out.

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I could not even go without bread for 7 days. You are doing great! I do not follow a g-free diet, obviously, but I have come across a new favorite "healthy" snack that is gluten free! Blue Diamond makes almond crackers (and chips!) that are reallllly good! I've tried some other brands (Mary's Gone brand items are more nutritious I think but don't taste as good) but these are my fave.


Anonymous said...

I'm coeliac, and switched to a gluten free diet two years ago just after I was diagnosed. It made such a difference. My advice would be to bake your own stuff actually! I don't like most gf breads in the shops, but we have a good bakery that I usually buy from, or I bake my own bread, and ckes when I want that sort of thing. There are new products coming all the time though, some good, some not.
I think what's hard is to avoid hidden gluten. Many products contain traces of gluten or traces of wheat, or they contain things that you don't think may have gluten in it. I avoid all that. If you are coeliac, also the very small amounts will cause damage. Sadly. Actually I'm quite experienced in this by now, but you opened my eyes, mentioning syrup. I haven't thought that syrup may contain malt! I always use syrup when I bake bread...so now I'll have to check if Swedish syrup also contains malt...:(
If you have any specific questions regarding coeliac disease or gf diet feel free to ask.


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