February 20, 2013

It's Okay...

...Thursday!!! Yes, I'm linking up with Neely again. It's been a while...so here it goes.
Its Ok Thursdays

It is okay to...

...hate the cold weather we are experiencing in southern California (I know, we are spoiled!)

...sleep 30 minutes longer...just for once. I needed the sleep.

...crave a sugar-cinnamon pretzel, but since I'm going gluten free I simply can't eat it. Crap.

...love Starbucks for giving me my money back, and for their free drinks.

...not really like our neighbors lately.

...look forward to my friend A moving to California.

...look forward to birthday parties I'll be attending in March.

...be happy for my friends...they welcomed their second girl this Tuesday.

...not to be ashamed to admit that I love TV.

...spend certain days in my PJs; all day long of course!!!


...to save money for the future (even if the future is like a week or a month away!).

...not start the day without coffee because...

Have a fabulous day! :)



k said...

i'm all about spending all day in pjs :) so is wesley! (although, i'm too uptight to do it too often i guess..)

Unknown said...

You could make your own soft pretzel using gluten free flour. They sell it lots of stores. Or my friend who is gluten free uses a lot of almond or oat flour.


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