March 1, 2013

March 2013 - It's Time

Welcome to my spring!

Yes, I don't care about official dates that supposedly tell us that spring starts or summer or any other season. March is the first day of spring to me. Like it or don't like it. I'm okay with that. Though I am hoping spring will make me happier, make me feel better and bring good things along. I have high hopes. 
*February ended bad - with two bad grades and a sad face on my part* 

So far, my spring (March, April & May) looks pretty much like fun.
I have tickets ready to two concerts and one game already. Can't get any better than that. :) So far, each month will have one event going I'm looking forward to. I might add a few more events but I'm content with what I'm seeing in my calendar already. I'm finally gonna live life a little because it's needed - not that I have the money!

Wanna know where I am going?

My favorite event will be in May...and it'll include this song...

Happy Weekend y'all!


Courtney said...

i LOVE imagine dragons! LOVE :)

YAY for spring, too. I love spring.

Sam M said...

Imagine dragons are coming here in may too! I tried to win tickets, but alas. They met at BYU(where my husband goes) so people really like them around here. Having events to look foward to makes a big difference. Today is the warmest it's been in a while and it just makes me feel good.


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