December 23, 2013

Christmas Spirit in Orange County

For the longest time we have been looking for a long street with Christmas lights and what not. Up in Ventura County we knew of one street that had Christmas lights and music left and right. Not so down here in Orange County - a few houses here and there but nothing as a slow drive through an uberlit residential area. 

We finally found it. It took some researching, and some determination to make the trip. Yet, we finally managed to head out on time, stand in line and enter the fabulousness of Christmas itself. 

There's more but my ugly iPhone pictures will not do justice. It was beyond beautiful, magnificent, and just spectacular. We even sat on Santa's lap. It was what we all needed on this long weekend before Christmas. 

For more info visit THIS page. It's a fun place to go to, and to listen to songs and watch the house change colors and "dance along". If you are in Orange County and happen to drive by...stop by the house between 5-9pm. There's donuts and hot drinks waiting, it's all free. So there's nothing holding you back from experiencing the Christmas Light Craziness. Well, expect for the Grinch further down that street...all alive and walking around...

I'm linking up with Leeann and her weekly (and this year's last) Monday Morning Gossip.

Happy Monday.



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