December 20, 2013

I'm Alive - Christmas Miracle Video Included

But in the meantime...I'm sleeping, cleaning, organizing, trying to find gluten free ladyfingers, playing with two white dogs, revamping my blogs, catching up on my favorite tv shows, buying last minute Christmas gifts, and trying to enjoy every single day so that I can cry later on when I find out I failed all my classes. Okay, the last part is probably not true, but I barely made it. This semester was beyond tough hence the lack of posts and comments and all.  I am so glad it is over.

I am also so glad it is Christmas time.
I went to an assistant living center in south Orange County and besides it bringing back memories I felt we did the right thing to be present, to cheer them up and let them know that they are not alone, and that they are actually special. It was an emotional day. You either had to be strong and hold those tears back, or you left quickly, bawled everything out and then returned.
After our trip we discussed what we just saw, did, and made happen and then out of nowhere one of the girls mentioned the video below. I thought I'd share this with you before I stop writing and start cleaning (ugh!). I am sure you've seen this before, or maybe even seen it on my facebook wall because I had to share this. If not, here you go. Enjoy some holiday spirit - whether or not you celebrate is a holiday season here...and holiday seasons are magical.

1 comment :

Ashley said...

I have indeed seen this video :) LOVE IT! Hope you're getting on well--you must be thrilled it's break time!


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