December 6, 2013

Santa Claus Day


Yes, Santa and his helpers aren't that cute or adorable in central Europe. The helpers are rather scary. Gosh, I remember when I was younger I was just terrified of them. December 6 marks the official Santa Claus Day. 
If you now guessed (or perhaps know) Santa Claus does not bring presents on Christmas. Nope. It's baby Christ who does. Funny, huh?! But yes, that's that....I kind of miss this ridiculous scary December 6 tradition and the parades that follow. This is one of a few events in Switzerland I truly wish I could experience again. Wish I could beam myself over for a few hours - maybe one day this will be possible. Hahahahaha! I know, wishful thinking.

Ok, my lovely readers...two more full weeks of class including finals and on the 19th it will be officially over. I am already sick and tired of writing (not on the blog but it suffered too). I know I can do it. I just really want to pass my incredibly difficult writing class - I am already having nightmares...worse than when I was younger and knew those Santa helpers would scare me on the 6th.


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1 comment :

Ashley said...

Um, yeah...those helpers are terrifying!!!!!


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