December 26, 2013

Bye 2013 - A Review

2013 has slowly (or shall I saw quickly) come to an end. I cannot believe it has come and gone like no other year. Maybe it is because I have been incredibly busy or maybe because I am getting older that I feel every year goes by quicker than the last. Slow down life...I want a piece of your fabulousness every single day. I always wanted to post a little review, or recap, of how my year looked like and I always failed. Blame it on my laziness, my busy schedule, my traveling, or our wifi connection playing unfair games with me. This year I am prepared. My finals are wrapped, my soul and heart are at peace and relaxed. I think I can sit down and share my life with you all.

*for some unknown reason I am fighting with photo sizes and whatnot and if it all looks crooked or just odd I apologize - whatever I try to make it look "perfect" just does not want to work*

I went back to Switzerland for last year's winter breakand not only did I enjoy walking through my hometown and experience some snow (hardly any to be honest), I also got to meet up with Ashley who was visiting from London...even though we both live in California...what are the odds.

My lovely and very talented friend Erin ran the half-marathon in Huntington Beach. Had to meet up with her!! Btw, I think she decided to give blogging another try...I truly missed her on this platform but blogging doesn't even come close to show what an amazing person she is in reality.

Tourist friend Amanda who guest posted a few times (here, here and here) moved to California and so wen went out and explored.

I went to the PetExpo and met "Stella" from Modern Family. Such a cute dog!!!
Also, I went to concerts and well took this picture with very talented Michael from Wakey!Wakey!


The Color Run was in Orange I need to say more? My friend M and I looked like pink zombies. haha!

My Birthday, my time in Switzerland and my trip to Istanbul

Switzerland and Germany

My girls, picture 2005 versus 2013...hmmmm.
Back in the L.A. area again...August was fun!

Bachelortte Weekend in Solvang and Santa Inez...we were clearly not ready to pose or anything. 

Pumpkin patch on campus...October 1 was when I got my baby pumpkins.

My trip to Sonoma earlier that month, and our bacon wrapped turkey...Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The dreaded finals - that's me all blurry at 7am in my classroom. That's how I felt all the time. Blurry. Exhausted. Glad it's over.

Here's to a more fun-filled, exciting, and fantastic year of 2014.
Even though my life plans have changed drastically in 2013 I know that next year will show me how beautiful life can be and how much I deserve to go for what I truly believe in.


Meghan said...

What a year! I just loved reading about your travels - do you have anything planned for 2014???

Erin Helgerson said...

Love this recap! We need to make some 2014 plans STAT! And yes, I'm back to blogging! Here I go!

Miss you, Selma!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

What an AMAZING year Selma. I hope you have a wonderful 2014!


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