December 2, 2013

Tuesday Jam

Three full weeks left and I can finally breathe again. I am not counting down the days because one, I am not ready for finals or that stupid research paper on knockoff fashion, and two, Christmas will be sad because poor Selma decided to not gift anyone outside of her immediate circle...which includes her roommates and bestie. I'm broke and cannot afford anything.

BUT...after these three weeks you know what's going to happen? I can blog again and sit down and read your blogs more as well. I am so stinking excited. I've missed doing this even just for an hour or two per day. It's been impossible so far. Everyone's complaining around me that I have gone MIA. And yes, I have. I am on Instagram and Twitter (more I than T lately) so that will keep some people entertained. :) Follow me. :)

In the meantime....this is my jam for Tuesday....enjoy!
Had to mix it up a little - did you know I actually like Country too?!

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1 comment :

Amy Powell said...

good luck with finals! you'll make it through & then you can RELAX :)


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