March 24, 2014

A Month of Food

Seasonal Salad at PdM

If you follow my Instagram you have seen these already. 
I love food. I have to admit this.
Since I went gluten free I also feel the need to explore more.
Problem here is of course is that I cannot eat everything.
However, that's the beauty in this food hunt challenge.

So, one day I went to PdM.
It's one of my favorite places to get salads.
Not only are the portions huge, but I feel I get what I pay for, and feel healthy afterwards.

If I feel I need to get more fat and just that special feeling of meat...I go for what I long for.
Recently I bought Sucuk, which is traditional Turkish sausage - some call it garlic sausage.
I love it paired with eggs...preferably a sunny-side up or two. ;)

My love for Sushi is endless.
I can eat cheap Sushi for $4 for a roll but don't get fully satisfied.
About 15 minutes from where I live there's this place called Sushi Plantation (their website is so old but they are happily and busily in business I promise). It's been around for a long time and recently moved into a bigger and newer section of the plaza it was already in. If you enjoy simply Sushi this may not be the place. It's good don't get me wrong. You will be, however, far more satisfied when you ask for off the menu rolls.
My favorite?

Hip Hop, Tokyo Boy, and Oh My Gosh!

HipHop Roll at Sushi Plantation
I had to enlarge's that good ;)

This post just made me hungry.
I guess it's time for me to find an exciting place to go out and eat today.
I might do this soon.

I am still away - happily enjoying my Spring Break.
So while you are reading this and while you might long for Sushi or a rich salad...
...just know I will be back with more food photos at some point.

Happy Monday, my lovelies!


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Ashley said...

Where did you get the sucuk from???? Yum!


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