January 2, 2015

Get Healthier and Shape Up

As you know I am not a New Year's Resolution girl. I know myself well enough; I won't ever go through with it. Also, I would rather set goals with a time limit to make sure I can accomplish that goal and be happy with the result. While browsing for ideas to make 2015 a fun year I found this idea to give up certain things for one full month. This idea includes a major bonus because it improves your body and hopefully physique by early summer so you are ready for your new {or old} swimsuit.

I love this challenge. It's not a diet. It is not forcing you to entirely give up everything at once {which is unhealthy anyways}. It allows you to focus on one thing and nix that thing for one full month. You don't even have to follow the above idea. You can tailor it to your own needs and dietary preference. I have to replace the month of February and May. I cannot eat gluten and fried food is mostly done with gluten/wheat based coating so that's a no go as well.

What would you give up? 

It usually takes up to three weeks to give up a habit {or create one}, so giving up certain foods or drinks for a month may mean something bigger for you. You may stick with that new idea. You may not but instead appreciate its taste better. I cannot wait to try this out. I already started not eating any sweets. Fun so far!

I'll be giving up the following:

January: sweets
February:  alcohol
March: dairy
April: soda/ice tea
May: chips/popcorn/snack-food
June: sugar

Wish me luck!

image and idea via here
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Unknown said...

This is a great idea! Small changes can make a big impact! Good luck and happy new year!

Tobia | craftaliciousme said...

Hey Selma,
I like your approach to a healthier life.
I might adapt it for my #1 yearly goal.
Good luck and a happy 2015,

Kristin and Megan said...

Those are great goals! I'm embarking on a cleaner diet myself!

Denise said...

That seems like a great plan, and I love how you're splitting the different foods into months as opposed to trying to give up everything at once.
Good luck!

Ashley said...

January without sweets is probably a good idea for me, too :) hahaha

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I need to give up chocolate. I have been eating way too much of it!


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