January 19, 2015

Water is important - So drink up!

For years I have been struggling to drink right even though I know it is important! It is known that the body needs fluids. Some bodies need more and others less, but we all know that we need to drink throughout the day not only to hydrate our body, our whole system that keeps up going {or living} but to actually feel energized, well, and just healthy. 

Last year was the worst for me. I struggled a lot through the entire year to keep up with my drinking.  Even in the 110-degree heat. At school I would have my water bottle with me and I would make sure to drink a bottle per class sessions. Free refills all over campus allowed me to drink generously, but once I went home I kind of forgot to drink. I didn't even drink coffee or soda instead. I just forgot. That is how bad it was. Granted, my body was probably telling me it was okay to not drink since I had so much earlier in the day but at night I felt thirsty, and one should not feel thirsty before bedtime.

So, I had to come up with a solution to trick myself to drink more. After all, it is said that the amount of water we drink each day can change our health, our looks, and the way we feel. Who wouldn't want that?

My only Trick

I learned that when there is no soda or similar stuff in the house I will end up drinking water. So, I started eliminating those drinks. I bought a big bottle {32oz} with infuser so I can add freshly diced lemons, oranges, cucumbers, and even strawberries to my water. That way it won't taste boring and will still hydrate me. I also make sure that I am drinking something warm {decaffeinated tea or just water} about an hour or two before bedtime. Best idea ever. It calms me.

Also, my 32oz bottle will now be used to fill my body three times a day. That makes roughly three liters a day and that is definitely all I need. I read this article and got inspired. Yes, the photo could be photo shopped after all but I still want to give it a try and see how I am feeling with three liters of water per day - not to mention the water I "eat". Coffee won't be eliminated but enjoyed in moderate consumption. I will give this a try, especially since I have been struggling for so long. Plus, with spring and warmer temperatures approaching it is essential to drink water. I want to be ready for when it gets hotter.

Water is important!!!

Am I the only one struggling to drink enough throughout the day? 
What is your trick?

image via buzzfeed


Shannon Q. said...

I am the worst at drinking water...but like you said it's so important! I do better when I have fun additions to put in it. My fav. being cucumber water, so refreshing. I'm glad you shared this....I needed another reminder to nudge me in the right direction and get that water in. Happy Monday.

Joey Hodges said...

YES YES YES! That's how I made the change too! I stopped keeping anything else in the house and had a designated water bottle that I challenged myself to finish "3" of a day! My hair & skin are happier, and most importantly I've kicked my chronic kidney infections!

Elisa @ Crazy, Amazing Life said...

I used to drink 3-4 liters every.single.day. But I have been having so much trouble in the past few months! I have read several articles saying that you should shoot for nutritive liquids more than water, so high-water-content foods like fruits and veggies, maybe some coconut water if you need electrolytes, and some bone broth, which is the only way to get specific aminoacids. I do all of those, but I still want to increase my water intake a little bit! I used to use the same trick, I should do it again!


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