January 1, 2015

How To Stay Strong With New Years Resolutions

Are you awake yet?
Then get up, take a shower, drink a glass of milk or water, make coffee or tea, eat breakfast, and then take a half-hour walk outside. If you are reading this and it is two in the morning then please go to bed and get some rest. Your body will thank you later.

It's time to change up a few things even though I don't believe in New Years Resolutions. I know a lot of people who set up goals or say January 1st is the day to start exercising more or eating better or something else. Sometimes it works but we all know most of the time it just doesn't work at all. I know that exact thought can be a downer, yet please, let that not make you feel bad. It's okay. It has happened to the best of us.

If you have a list or just one main point you want to follow along, one main New Years Resolution to follow through then do the following {little tricks}:

- write it down {on multiple post-it notes or in notebooks and put them all over your place}
sometimes one or two things to change your life is enough to make a difference; don't overdo it
- write down the positive or/and negative outcomes
- if you still want to follow through, make a punish or fail list 
- set a time goal {until March 31, or until June 1} 
- don't say you want to do this for one full year
- don't have a backup - they are the worst

Yes, you read right. 
Right now it's all about prepping your mind. If you don't believe in change there is hardly a way for you to fully go through anything! For your fail list write down what your punishment will be; e.g. don't get the bag you have been lusting for or don't go to the movies for at least six months, etc. It is all about willpower. If your mind is not in it, then nothing will work. 

Prep your mind, make it work and test yourself and your personality.

- start RIGHT NOW. Doesn't matter whether it is 6am or noon or even 2pm. Start NOW.
- start on a Monday {it's easier to start when the week starts compared to start on a weekend}.
- if you struggle, write it down. Don't give up. Easier said than done but write it out.
- remember the thing you need to do when you fail {it's a booster to stay focused}.
- DO NOT find excuses {you have already failed if you try looking for just one}. 
- be a grownup and show some power.

Now that you have a goal set, a reasonable time set, and fully committed yourself to it all...have fun. If you fail or struggle in the beginning, remember that this is normal and okay. No one's perfect.

Just because you want to lose weight {what most people go for when a new year starts} doesn't mean you cannot enjoy the foods you love. Have the willpower to eat less of whatever makes you happy, or restrict yourself to that food once a week. You don't want to suffer, you want to see results. If you suffer you are likely to give up {hello, we have all been there} and you will fail and not get that desired bag or vacation.

Have fun exploring new recipes, trying out new hike points, or putting away extra money {if your goal is to save up money}. Have fun and look at the positive sides. There will always be moments when you don't feel like following through that is why I said set a time limit. It is easier to follow through a two-month change in your life than a one-year change. 

By all means I am no expert but I have personally set goals and I followed through. For my own health, for my own life, I had to change a few things and ohmygawwwwd it wasn't easy. I struggled. Yet, I had that one thing written down that made me believe I am doing the right thing. It helped me. It helped me go through with my goal, stay on track, have fun, enjoy new things, and explore what life and this world offers. I am still working on that goal and I haven't felt better in years.
Also, I had set a second goal. I didn't start with that goal until August of last year but it was well worth it. I put away $1-bills whenever I came across one. I shoved those bills in an envelope and never looked at them again. I have not looked at them yet but will in a few hours. I know I will have a nice amount ready for me and my favorite person to spend this week. It will be a little weird counting one-dollar bills but it will be fun spending those.

Stay strong with whatever New Years Resolution you are going for.
My goal is to save up money, get healthier {food and shape wise - visit tomorrow for more}, find a job I love going to, visit friends and family AND eat more fruits/veggies. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.


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