August 5, 2016

Seven Ideas to Declutter Again

Seven months ago I talked about what you could or probably should do to declutter your wardrobe and home at the same time. The list ranged from specific hangers, to plastic utensils, and to electronic devices that are no longer used or broken. Back then I listed 50 things but honestly there is always more you can get rid of. Always. Granted, it takes time and it is not always fun to dedicate a day or two {or more} to clean out a specific room or the entire house. BUT it is so worth it!!

Today, I'm reminding us all that it is time again to look at our homes. How much have we accumulated over the past few months?! How many more items did we purchase? Have we used them at least five times since then? If not, think back, was the purchase really necessary?! Have we gotten rid of unused, unloved, triple jeans/t-shirt stacks we never touch?! 

I'm not here to preach, believe me. B and I often talk about it. He wanted to get something last week and I was against it. Not only do we not need it, I know we will never ever use it. I know I won't. Last week wasn't the only time he came up with some item that needs to be part of our household. Oh man, he sometimes thinks machines can solve the world. Don't get me wrong, when something helps me work faster and it makes, let's say, cooking easier I am all for it. Hello crock pot, or a fabulous mixer. All for it. Yet, do I really need an automatic can opener that needs to be plugged in, when I have a wonderful hand-held one already available working perfectly?! NOPE. Do I need a spaghetti maker machine? Absolutely NOT. My coffee maker is old and needs to be replaced, yes, but it is still working and until it stops working the replacement can wait. But I'd rather have a new coffee machine than those two other items. What B doesn't realize is 1) I'd rather save the money or spend it on something else, like a nice dinner or a bottle of wine {ha!} and 2) We don't have the space for any new item. And this is what brings me back to today's post...more detailed decluttering!

Are you still with me?! I hope so! Why? Because this shows dedication and curiosity. Also, it is probably a sign your home is as messy as mine and you are in desperate need for a quick clean-up. So let's get started!

1. Line up all your shoes {winter, summer, heels, what not}, count them, and put those pairs away you have not worn in one full year. Those, you donate if in excellent condition or try to get some money for thanks to thred up, or toss if in bad shape.

2. Go through all mail you put away {wherever that is} you really truly absolutely need to keep a birthday card from 2004?

3. Look into your medicine cabinet. Toss away expired items. No need to be sad. Toss it all away!

4. Line up every single beauty and body product you have. What is unopened goes nicely organized back into a cabinet. Everything that has been opened and used at least once stays outside and will be used. NO MORE SHOPPING FOR NEW SHAMPOO OR EYELINER OR WHAT NOT until you used everything else up. Do you really need five different shampoos? Or ten different lipsticks, two of which you haven't touched in the past year?! Or 40 different nail polish bottles, ten of which are already so crusty there is no way they will look good on any of your nails?! NOPE. Use now or toss right away.

5. might have kept the ones for your major. Makes absolute sense, hello, same here! Have you touched them since you graduated? Never?! I don't know about you, but B has over 14 biology books. Granted most of them are different but some are the same exact ones just a different cover and edition...I made him toss the very very old versions because not only are those books heavy, they take up a ton of space and he hasn't touched them in years. It hurt to toss them but he felt relieved afterwards. Or find a way to get sell them to a company. Someone can always use a used book.

6. Go through your pantry/freezer and fridge and make a list of what you have {opened and closed products, include all produce too}. Create a meal plan for at least one full week with what you have in stock, with you at home. Oh and do not grocery shop!!! Unless you need milk and will run out of it tomorrow. Scared?! Don't be. It's actually nice to create new dishes {or old ones} with food you already have. Use them up, empty your uber full pantry, and make room for new products. It shocked me when I did this month ago. Saved me a ton of money too. Nothing got thrown away {I was lucky nothing was expired}, and I enjoyed seeing a more organized and fresh looking pantry!! Use what you have!!!

7. Challenge yourself to do less laundry! Wait what?! YES. Here's what I want you to do...count your underwear! Yes, you read right. Count it. Do you have more than 14? So you're good to go without doing any laundry for two full weeks. WHAT?! Yes. Think about it. You change your underwear once a day {assuming this as a normality}, and you probably have more than one pair of PJs, and probably more than one pair of work pants, home/lounge wear, casual T-shirts, and blouses. Right?! I'm right, aren't I? When I announced to B that I was planning on doing laundry every two weeks he was absolutely against it. My question to him was Why?! You've got plenty of underwear for over two weeks, you've got a massive load of socks, work shorts and shirts, as well as regular shorts and shirts. Besides, if I wash every week the same clothes will be worn over and over again and the rest will not be touched. Plus, every garment will be valued. End result? He realized I was right {women are always right, right?!}. We have plenty of towels and sheets too so no need to worry about those as well. This little laundry challenge helped us wear clothes we would probably not have touched or worn, and would have donated.
*of couse, if you have children this challenge will be interesting but there's a way it may work as well because your children probably have more than two shirts and pants and pjs as well.

Here you ideas on how to declutter again. You have to do this more than just once in your life or a year. Yes. I go through my clothes a lot. Probably once a month. I'm also getting older. I don't need clothes from when I was 20, or 25. It's time to let go. Plus, styles change; bodies change, too. Letting go of the past {clothes, food, mail, shoes included} is cleansing. It helps rejuvenate the soul. Sounds ridiculous but is so true. Also, it helps find pleasure in exploring new styles and items. Thanks to StitchFix I can do this. If you haven't heard of StitchFix, you're truly missing out! Plus, having plenty of room for a new item or two {or three} is always an exciting moment, isn't it?! *more on StitchFix soon {because I use their items more than I do anything is definitely time to declutter my closet again}.

What have you done so far to make your life less chaotic? Have you gotten rid of clutter and if so, what was it and how long has it taken you?!


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