August 31, 2016

A Fall List

Summer is slowly but soon officially coming to an end and fall is practically around the corner! At the beginning of summer I put together a summer list filled with things I wanted to accomplish throughout the season. I wanted to make memories and challenge ourselves to find ways to enjoy summer better! As we are slowly leaving summer, with extreme temperatures as usual, I want to make sure I am enjoying every bit of the new season as well. My summer list, just like the spring list, didn't fully get accomplished but that is okay. I love fall and cannot wait to see how much I get to tackle this season. And what I don't accomplish I get to accomplish next time.

Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to doing this season; wish me luck:
  • change my blog
  • go apple picking 
  • make an apple pie {tried so many times and failed, so hopefully this season I can do this}
  • go to at least one pumpkin patch
  • carve pumpkins 
  • wine tasting
  • upgrade my fall wardrobe
  • explore more surrounding cities
  • finally go to the old town underground tour
  • decorate patio and porch for fall
  • enjoy one Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • create new chili recipes 
  • go to a local fall/halloween event since the one we usually went to closed down
  • find fall recipes to cook for Thanksgiving
  • create fun fall diffuser recipes
How's your fall list coming together? Anything exciting I have to add to mine?!


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