August 17, 2016

Books to read this fall season

Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do. Last year I literally lost interest. Life changed quite drastically and I had no desire to get lost in the written word. I felt alone, hopeless, sad, and confused. I wanted to change my mood and find books that inspire me again. Honestly it was tough. I'm still working on it, but what better time to approach this whole reading thing when fall is around the corner?! Yes yes! So I decided to create a list of books I think are perfect to read during this fall season. And what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon with a book and a hot cup of tea or chocolate?! 

I have had All the Light We Cannot See on my to-read list forever. It is about time I start reading it, isn't it?! It also won a Pulitzer Prize. I love those kind of books anyhow.

I read Me Before You in German. I liked the film, but I still prefer the book. So naturally I want to read After You. I know it is not going to be the same book, and the story won't be as heart-warming but I still know I'm going to enjoy it this fall.

Whenever I enter a bookstore I see Big Little Lies. I even saw it at Target and somehow it also ended up in my recommendation of books I should read. I think it is time. And I'm all about a novel about women and their lives, and I read it will become an HBO series in the future?! Hello, yes!!

In Twenty Years is a novel that confronts friends to face their past. I'm a sucker for stories like that. Plus, when temperatures drop and it slowly gets darker I want to hold a book that forces me to get lost in it and face my own past and how it has shaped the me today. Can't wait!

Family portraits. What can I say?! These are the books that keep me warm when temperatures drop or rain is about to show up. Everything I Never Told You will be all that, let me tell you. It will suck you in and I can't wait to not want to put this book down.

I have been waiting for this book for so long. My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry is a book I want to read because it will challenge me. I read books that go back and forth, and books that make me think, and I read books that are super abnormal and what not. Either way, this will be fun and I cannot wait!!

There's a few more books I'm interested in but these are my definite favorites. Hope I get to read them all this upcoming fall season. Wish me luck! Any books you would recommend to me?! Or any author you fancy? Let me know. I'm always open for suggestions.


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