August 15, 2016

Weekly Hopes {55}

Blah. You guys, I got sick this weekend. I felt off Friday and Saturday but blamed the heat as we had temps in the 100s. Sunday it hit me. I woke up with a massive headache out of nowhere. This had never happened before and if I had a bottle of wine by myself. Not this time. I had no alcohol, and drank and ate plenty in general...but what on earth?! I literally woke up as if someone had walked on top of my head. It was massive and it wasn't fun. I spent all day in bed; slept it off and when awake I watched 1980's movies. From Teen Witch, and Big to When Harry Met Sally to Parenthood. I might have been a mess but I tried to make it enjoyable too. 

So this week I am hoping to accomplish as much as I did last week {because I did accomplish everything on my list!!}. Let's see what I am hoping to do this week...

1 - Get a massage in {new let's see if I enjoy her as much as I enjoy my regular lady}
2 - Trading in books so we get some $$ back
3 - Exercise more {I did slight workouts last week but then the "sickness" kicked in}
4 - Feeling healthier
5 - Making reservations for our anniversary dinner {staying in town this year}
6 - Dreaming of cute fall decoration
7 - Hoping for cooler temps because, hello, 108 is no fun temperature
8 - Finding two things each day that make me happy! Two!!!

See? My list doesn't have to be ten things. This week my Weekly Hopes consists of eight simple and achievable things. The cooler temps is a dream because that won't be happening unless the weather God up there reads my blog. I mean, I am all for warm summer weather. I love it. But when it's over 100 for about two weeks straight and not just a day or two here and there it gets annoying and very boring. Anything else on my list is definitely doable so wish me luck.

How's your weekend been?
Hope your ready for what this week has in store!


1 comment :

The Flynnigans said...

Getting sick always bites! Glad you're on the up and up. Your movie day, even if sick, sounds fun. I know the kitties made sure momma was okay. <3


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