November 10, 2010


Today, I have nothing to say...or so I thought.
I'm craving Sushi, want to walk in flip flops, wear just a T-shirt, and sit outside holding a book (or preferably an iPad) and read or surf the net or whatever. None of this is going to happen...but I can share some pictures I took last week and the week before and never had time to post! Ready...

Just had to take this pic...I mean, it's purple after all.

My favorite shoes...I tried so hard to get a picture but failed and ended up sitting in a restaurant taking weird shoe/foot pictures...people thought I was nuts. Who cares, right?!

Last week I went shopping (didn't buy a thing though) and ended up getting macarons...big ones.
I had to stop myself and take a picture because people wouldn't believe I had some.
They were gone in less than five ten minutes.
We only bought two per person but still.
And I just realized my fingers look old and cold...typical winter fingers. :(
A glimpse of Christmas...went to my favorite department store and as an annual tradition I just needed to spend at least one hour looking at and browsing through their Christmas/holiday section...sigh. I took my camera out and just took random shots until I got nasty looks (apparently, these days this is a very common thing among people here - and it's don't want to walk around with a nasty look when I get to L.A.)...nonetheless I continued taking pictures. I love Christmas!!
And I found my palm tree, too.
They're having a so-called "American corner" this year...made me laugh.

And today I went out and got my well deserved (ok, depends on how you look at it) Gingerbread Latte!!
*And yes, I got it in a red cup and that cup is going to be reused by me
until it's just not going to hold any liquid or whatever anymore. :) *
I went last week and saw that they weren't having any Xmas/RedCup stuff in, but Nov.10 would be the date. I marked it in my calendar (brain, actually!) and yes, today I went out and splurged.
CHF8.40 which sorta is pretty much the same in $$...for a size grande, because let's face it tall is not enough. 
My wallet suffered but it's okay. I enjoyed it immensely.
Next one will be enjoyed back in Orange County.

That's pretty much all what's happening around here.
I think it started raining a while back, and has cleared now.
Typical November weather, temps somewhere in between 30 degree and up to somewhere in the high 50s.
No snow so far least in the city. :)

Happy Wednesday.
It's almost Friday everyone!!!
But still, make sure you enjoy today.


♥ Selma ♥


Tanja, Herbert + Kinna von Ducati said...

It's only 54 degree in Orange County right now (Wednesday morning, 7.57 am) but the sun is out already, so today it will be a nice warm day again!
I'll have a Eggnogg Latte in a bit ;)

samnhal said...

We really do have similar temperature patterns, must be the mountains or something, except for today the high is 38...yeah, lowest in the country for a high. That's ok though, the cold is making me feel the holiday spirit

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love the palm tree!!! Everything Christmas always makes me happy!

Sara said...

My amazing (very new) boyfriend got me macarons about a week ago, and I have been craving them ever since!


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