September 21, 2011

Happy early weekend!

Guys, I found time to blog...can you believe it?
I wanted to participate in two weekly fun posts Leeann and Michelle do Mondays and Wednesdays but nope...I've been too busy studying my butt off with weird books and notes from my humanities class. I had a gigantic test today and I have no idea how I did. I have mixed feelings. I studied well but once that paper with all kinds of questions was facing me I froze again. I wrote and answered that's for sure! But I am not sure if I did it right. At least I wrote something and shared my thoughts on it not like others leaving after 30 minutes and going home. This by the way, freaked me out. Who leaves a test in 30 minutes when you have 90 minutes left to work on a test? At least leave after one hour. So not sure what they did or didn't do. Then again I don't care. :)

So, if I'm not overwhelmed with books on human nature and civilization and sexual drives (yes, I said it!) I try to sit back and relax, either while walking the boys (or do they walk me sometimes?!), watch the News (have to admit my guilty pleasure is the morning news from 7am on), and watch all kinds of TV shows. I need to redirect my passiveness after class and homework towards something else...and just walking to get back into shape alone doesn't do it...I need more. So, I'm thankful for any kind of distraction, TV included. :)

My favorites so far? Besides Hawaii 5-0, Castle, the Vampire Diaries, Modern Family...I found some new addictions. The Ringer is one of them, and hopefully Hart of Dixie too. The latter one had some fun event going on yesterday and you can read a bit about it on Annemarie's blog. I am excited to see it!

But to show you some proof that I am alive and doing well, despite my vague tweets and blog's what I look like when I am happy and playing with dogs, or trying to make them look at the camera! *major fail* And sorry, it's a phone pictures...not the best quality! ;)

Have a good Wednesday!!


Ashley said...

Thanks Selma :) I guess we will have to plan a blogger get together soon!

Christianna said...

Hope that life slows down just a tad more for you. Sounds like that's all you need!

Awwww, those puppies are too cute!

Unknown said...

good to see you alive! I hope your test grades come back high! have a relaxing rest of your week :)

Blicious said...

so cute!!!


Alexa said...

Ah such a cute photo anyway!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I'm sure the test went well!

And you are so sweet for wanting to link up :) Just an FYI, I'm skipping next Monday to post my review of the Hart of Dixie event. I actually met Annemarie there!

Yay for Thursdays and The Vamp Diaries :) Do you watch Secret Circle too? I like it!

Elle Sees said...

you'll make it!!

A Life Un-Styled said...

Hey Selma, I'm a new follower so it's great to see a picture of you! Now that exams are over life should go back to normal :)

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Reading books on sexual drives, huh? Maybe that can help explain MAN CANDY MONDAY!

HAHA. Just kidding!! :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Well hello stranger! Glad to see things are well =-)

Sierra said...

Hey girlie, it's you and the dogs - oh so cute! I miss them now and you of course.

Good job with all of your studying and happy to read that you are watching Ringer. Love. That. Show. I really missed Sarah Michelle Geller! Now we can talk about it, lol.

shopgirl said...

You guys look adorable!!! You should post more pics of you and your dogs Selma! :-))

Have a wonderful weekend filled with doggie kisses and hugs! (tongue in cheek)



Unknown said...

Your blog is totally different, but it looks so awesome. Did you do it all yourself? I miss having time to read and blog.


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