March 30, 2012

Spring Shopping!!

Spring to me starts March 1. No, not when the time changes, and not when it hits the 21st or the 20th or 23rd or whatever date you may wanna throw my way. No! It is March 1. See, spring is March, April and May, then summer is June, July and August, fall is September, October and November and good old winter is December, January, and February. I'm fully aware that it could snow in April or even May (yes yes!) but to me, for years now, March 1 is the first day of spring. That's it. :)

So, during my spring break (heck it's almost two weeks ago already!) I went shopping. I hadn't been shopping in a while and I had been itching to go out and try on new colors and all. I also had a couple of gift certificates I wanted to use instead of letting them accumulate over the next months, so yeah, it was time to go out and shop. I clearly don't have money, especially without a job, but I can't say no to stuff that is cheaper than cheap, or so marked down I just want to faint. And again, gift certificates are awesome...thank you Christmas gifts! :)

I ended up buying a lot. Candy included. But again, I hadn't gone in a long time, needed new items, and had to use my Christmas gift cards at some point. Among so many things I bought the following items and love them all equally...sort of. ;)

Ignore the wrinkled  (and bad phone camera quality - I forgot the flash!) look. Obviously I can't stand ironing these days either...whatever. :) Life takes over and I sometimes have no time to iron stuff. Sorry!

Shoes (rose) Nine West, pink cardigan and tunic Gap, red purse Coach, striped top Free People

I even bought mom a scarf she might hopefully like, and if not, I know I will! ;)
I love it when I find items for $20 instead of almost $150 or even more. Love love love it! ;) 

I am definitely ready for spring...mostly.
A new tote bag would be fun, too. And some fun jewelry, but I won't go there long as I'm healthy, can afford what is needed at the moment and that I pass my classes is more important than material things. If I could only manage all of it...sigh!

Linking up with Kori and her Fashion Friday today!

Hope you're having a great Friday and a fantastic weekend.
Can you believe Easter is basically around the corner!



Ashley said...

Great shoes! I'm not really a fan of pink, but the shoes are a nice faded pink that even I could wear :)

Ocean Dreams said...

Cute stuff love! Is that coral? What shops were these items from? Love the shoes and purse - uber cute! Love ya.

Christianna said...

All of your buys are so freaking cute! I'm loving those shoes!

Alexa said...

Ooh I am so ready for spring. Loving the coral color these days!

abbie said...

I had these shoes in my head all day and had to go online this evening and buy them too! Great pick :)

A Cup of Sparkle said...

Awesome!!! I need to do some spring shopping soon as well.


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I have that coach bag in gray!!!

Amy Powell said...

love those shoes! very cute :)

Amy Powell said...

love those shoes! very cute :)

朱惠芳 said...

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