March 20, 2012

The sacrifices and consequences of moi

We all know what I'm talking about here, don't we?
We all sacrificed something in our life; whether it was giving up a fun trip with friends but then spent it at home studying or helping the parents, going to a different restaurant (without the desired food we so longed for), or leaving friends and familiar surroundings in order to go to college in another state. The latter has been very familiar to me. I have sacrificed my friendships, and my relationship to my immediate family. I chose to leave everyone behind, move away and start from scratch. That I'm missing out on annual festivities, hangouts with my friends, family meetings, and fun events in general is one thing, one consequence...but I am also missing out on close relationships with my friends and their families.

Last week I had a rather rough week. It wasn't easy. Yes I was on spring break but that's not the point. I wasn't feeling well for so many untold reasons and what do I get? (unintentionally of course, I know!)
I have to learn that a friend of mine is getting married this fall, during a time I simply cannot be attending or even be around. It made me more than just sad. Words can't describe it. If I wasn't in school, had money and time to take off I'd do it all in a second and the flight would already be booked. But I am in school, and don't have that kind of money nor the time to just to leave school work and all behind for a weekend or even a week (unless there would be an awesome holiday helping me out, or someone offering to buy me the plane ticket which of course is not happening - in both instances!). So I had to say NO to the "invitation" and upset my friend. It is a disappointment I know. Trust me, I'm not happy. I'm sad. However, that's the sacrifice and the consequences I have to live with.
I just hope one day she understands.
I just feel we left things unsaid, and rather stiff...not the way I want things to end in any conversation. Life happens, and I had to sacrifice that part of my life right now.

Thanks to all of your tweets though, fellow bloggers, I felt so much better that day!

That same day another friend of mine told me something "sad", too. Not that it's super bad, but it disappointed me big time. Not sure why. I knew it was happening and I knew I might be on top of the list and I also knew I wouldn't be chosen...and why?! Because I am living away from everyone. It's part of the deal I get, right? Gotta live with the consequence. 

On a brighter note... can soon see me doing the following...I just need a car!
Getting my driver's license renewed was a weird process (since it expired two years ago! Not the regular smooth renewal...sadly; but my picture looks better now!). But it's so worth it!

So yes, I chose and am still choosing to sacrifice a few things in my life.
No biggie.
We've all done this. Right?

I live with the consequences.
And while I have sacrificed some things in my life I also came to understand that it's been a good life so far and the consequences I used to live with and am living with right now shaped me into the woman I am today!

So thank you little sacrifices and consequences!
Thank you!


Christianna said...

This was such an honest post. I think we all live with this to a point, and some days it sneaks up on us all at once, and that's when it really sucks. Things will get better, and what you have chosen will be worth it!

Mara said...

Selma, don't worry your friend will eventually understand. It's so hard when things like this happen and I know I'd feel the same as you. Yes we all make sacrifices but the bottom line is that we do the best that we can. YOU are doing the best that you can (and I think you're doing a great job!). Your friend will eventually realize that there are plenty more fun celebrations to be had together in the future :) I hope you're feeling better about this! And major congrats on your license renewal!! yay! Now you just need some wheels ;) xox

Ashley said...

I feel you,'s hard to be away from the people you grew up with!

Let's have a hangout soon! Possibly sometime in April? Other bloggers are welcome as well :)

smk053078 said...

Awe, sweet girl, hang in there! Sacrifices suck, but we all have to make them...stay strong and know your blog buds love ya!!

Because Shanna Said So

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Aw, sending you big blog hugs. Sacrifices can really suck sometimes.

Amy Powell said...

sacrifices are just a part of life. one of the bad parts unfortunately. glad you're rising above! and congrats on your license renewal :)

Kristin said...

We're missing our good friends' wedding as the lil' lady bean is due to arrive shortly thereafter. There are some things that just can't be helped. If she's your friend, she'll understand!

samnhal said...

I know exactly what you mean, exactly. It's SO hard! when I had dengue I finally got to talk to my dad, he hasn't called me since I've been here and at the end he said maybe he can't wait to get married until I get home. REALLY!? We'll see what happens, but it made me mad and sad at the same time.

Ocean Dreams said...

You are one amazing bestie and she should be more understanding. It's hard - as we grow and chance so do childhood friends. It's sad but there are different friends for different seasons of life. You know I love ya!!!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm sure your friend will understand. Sometimes we just have to say no to events because of the timing.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm sure your friend will understand. Sometimes we just have to say no to events because of the timing.


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