April 18, 2012


hey everyone! it's amanda again. you know... from yesterday! i just realized i never told you my name, sorry about that! i live on the east coast but, i'm a southern girl who's been displaced! and i'm so glad to have some more time with you guys. maybe i'm able to give Selma some time to study and get caught up on boring school work. haha!

i want to talk to you about another movie i've seen recently. it's called BLUE LIKE JAZZ and here's the trailer:

this movie is funny, poignant, interesting, sincere, thought provoking, and simply brilliant, if you ask me. this is an adaptation of the book Blue Like Jazz and i was lucky enough to meet and hang out with Donald Miller, the author, and Steve Taylor, the director. they are both amazing men and they are very passionate about this subject.

this movie is about a guy who goes to college and wants nothing to do with God, the church, or religion. similar to October Baby (see yesterday's post) he's attempting to find out who he is and what he's about. it is a Christian movie, but in the words of Steve Taylor, "it is not a family movie. who ever said that Christian movies have to be family friendly?"

i would strongly encourage you to see this movie if you are curious about who God is and what he's REALLY about; if you grew up in the church, and want nothing to do with it now; or if you are a Christian and want to laugh a lot and have your faith renewed!

since it's an independent film, it's not showing everywhere, but here's the website you can check out to see where it is playing and to buy tickets: http://www.bluelikejazzthemovie.com/

let me know what you think!! see you at the theaters!

next time i promise not to post about movies! well...maybe...


Christianna said...

Amanda, I like your movie posts! They are so much fun. I've also been wanting to see this one as well!

Unknown said...

I read the book a few years ago... it's interesting they turned it into a movie. thanks for the review!


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