April 14, 2012

I'm alive! - My weekly recap

Dear readers,

It's been a whole week that I officially blogged. Luckily, my sweet friend Sierra from Ocean Dreams spontaneously asked me if she could guest post and hey, I hardly ever say no to that. Maybe she saw how lonely my blog looked. Maybe she could read my mind, too.

Either way, thank you girl for helping me out and writing about one of my favorite things. I love being a teenager...eh...okay, I'm not but I still love those shows!

Hope you all had a great week.
Mine was busy. School was being a little b***h but we got Thursday's class cancelled so that's always nice.
On a very bright note I enjoyed one of the best skype dates with a dear friend and her children. Can't wait to see and hug them all again. Not to mention all my other friends and family. I'm counting down the days it's not even funny anymore!

Wednesday and Thursday were and probably today are birthday celebration days. Why do people around me celebrate birthdays all at the same time?! Ha, I enjoy it though. It's always nice to meet new people or see familiar faces again. We gotta live life...it's just way too short.

Tomorrow I'm headed for the movie theater...that is, if nothing comes between our plans. And it's worth going because we'd be getting extra credit for a class...if going to the movies would always get me extra credit I'd be super happy about that!

And next week (I can't believe it) I'm going to be having so much *running* fun with Leeann from Join The Gossip, Meg from Henning Love and Marjan from LocalLiving in Orange County. And I think I am gonna see a few more "familiar" faces that day. It'll be fun!

April, so far you are giving me reasons to laugh again.
Thank you.

Have a great weekend....



henning love said...

cant wait to see you again selma! we will have a fun time

k said...

so are you moving back to switz or just visiting???

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's awesome that you've been able to hang out with other bloggers.

Unknown said...

How did you like Bully? I've heard good things about it!


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