April 27, 2012


...you just got to let it all go and see what happens.

I had rules. I had plans.
And years ago, all of that collapsed by itself. Poof. Gone.
If you ever had major plans with your life and out of nowhere everything had to change you can just imagine how I must have felt. I swore to myself never to make huge plans again, never to let anything come between my daily/weekly plans and enjoy the moment as it basically comes along.

Sounds so hippie.
Maybe it is.
I was just tired of having plans, making plans, and then having them all shattered into pieces.
However, we need plans. And we need rules.
My main rule is to LIVE LIFE so I am happy. And hopefully make others also happy in the process. And my main plan is to STAY HAPPY and BE HAPPY, and not let others direct me into things I simply don't want to be directed towards. And if that happens, I become the person you really don't want in your life. If people don't let me be me, I can get nasty, and really who wants that?! I don't. Do you?

So, I have about four weeks left in California...and yes I'll be back but while I'm still here I want to make the best out of it. Every single day, every weekend, every minute! Yes, I have finals too, but besides that life needs to happen too. All on my own pace though!
Even for you workaholics out there don't get caught up on work even though it's your dream job. Don't say tomorrow I'll do it, and don't say next week either. Yes, work is important and it gives you some sort of freedom (the one I don't have at the moment), but remember you have a life too, and friends, and loved ones, and what not...
...and work doesn't thank you for anything in the end. It is just done and finished but doesn't physically thank you.
SO go out, enjoy life, breathe the ocean breeze, look at palm trees, eat some shaved ice, eat a hot dog if you must or eat gluten free muffins...whatever it is, do it. Don't wait till later, or tomorrow, or next week. It may not gonna happen.

But stay true to yourself. Don't do anything because you are told to. Don't let others force you. Remember who you are, and remember what you want and don't want and follow that. And let others know too. I just had to the other night. I may have disappointed people around me, but if I don't say it now they won't understand or accept it. They may not understand but they should accept...let's just say it that way.

And that my friends is my philosophy of today...well, of every day, but I had to write it down and share it because it is important to remind us that we need to live life, too.

So, what am I gonna do for the next couple of weeks?
Live it, and love it.
May is gonna be awesome! It just has to be.

I'm in my city, I'm surrounded by very generous friends and people and the sun is basically shining 24/7. Why not enjoy it every minute? And, yes, May is the month right before my birthday month (as you know, I'm a June baby!!), so I gotta enjoy my last month before a new number appears on my back. Ugh.

Let it all begin...
...without plans, but values, I want to pass all finals, attend an awesome 30th birthday party, meet up with more friends (blog friends or not), enjoy some sun, souvenir shopping, and well...the usual, breathing in and out of course!

Happy last couple of days of April!


Christianna said...

This was such an awesome post! You go girl!

Sam Morgan said...

You gotta enjoy my birthday month before your birthday month...that means you have to extra enjoy it! Only a little bit of time left for your getaway. Make sure to enjoy all the time you have there as well.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Enjoy the last few weeks in CA!!!


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