April 10, 2012

Sucked Into {The Vampire Diaries} and Elena's Style

Hello - this is Ocean Dreams, aka Sierra taking over Selma's blog again. :)

Suncravingirl knows more than anyone right now how obsessed I am with The Vampire Diaries. Since I just started watching this show a few days ago (I'm starting with season 1), I'm embarrassed to say that I'm almost half way through the first season and it's only been a few days! It's that good.
But besides the amazing guy eye candy and can't-stop-watching aka keep-my-eyes-off-of the TV screen hypnosis I've been in, I've also been noticing the amazing fashion on this show. Isn't it fun hyper-analyzing each character's fashion preference and how it fits their personality? I think it is.

Which brings me to Elena. Her style is very much my style, except my clothing is a little bit brighter. Where we share a commonality in fashion though, is in her casual approach to wearing clothing. I can see her wearing a lot of the clothing on the site Damart. She loves wear jeans, flats, Converse sneakers, leather and bomber jackets, and darker shirt colors (like purple and red), that I think showcase her secret love for vampires. {Isn't she lucky that she gets Damon and Stefan all to herself?!} I'm jealous.
But anyway...Elena's choice of colors also complement her lovely complexion and dark brown hair. If I could dress Elena with similar elements and clothing that look similar to what I've been seeing on The Vampire Diaries (and remember I'm only in the first season), this is what I would pick for her to wear:
{ Free People Danger Top }
{ Splendid Thermal Henley }
{ Joe's Jeans Provocateur Petite }
{ Trench Coat - I think Elena needs one in red
to give herself a break from her leather jackets. }
{ Converse Shoes in Red }
{ Elena's Necklace via Kaboodle }

So what do you think of Elana's style? I think she could use some glitz now and again but other than that I love her style. From her Converse shoes to her dark thermals, Elena is ready to run from danger at a moment's notice. That is - when her handsome vamps aren't fiercely protecting her. I can't wait to watch more!


Christianna said...

Dang, it's such a good show! I just love it. You're gonna have so much fun!

It's true, she does have wonderful style!

Alexa said...

Love the thermals!

Amy Powell said...

I love the coloring of that collection, but I'm with you. Needs just a touch of pizzazz :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I really like her style... they do well at dressing her for the part of a high school student.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I told ya it was good! Hehe :)

So addicting. I love the Salvatore brothers ♥

Ocean Dreams said...

Thanks again for the guest post girl - can't believe I just made it through the 2nd season in about two days, ha ha! Loooove the show but you already know that. Thanks everyone else for the sweet comments, glad you like Elena's style and the show too! Love ya Selma!

Jamie said...

I'm obsessed with this show - sadly for me it is all about the man candy, nothing as worthwhile as the style


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