January 24, 2013

Quote of the Day #2

First week of school is almost over! One more class to handle...with my favorite teacher so that should be fine. And I also already know a few of my classmates so I won't feel like a total loner not knowing a soul around. Not sure why I decided to take a class on a Thursday evening...but hey, it'll be okay. I'll pretend it's work that keeps me in my office a little longer than usual. And once this longer day is over I'm gonna save some trapped wine!

Have a splendid day!!!


P.s. *Hello lovelies! A new URL will be up... (crazylittleworldofmine.blogspot.com) and the old no longer exists or works. Just FYI. Please change your settings. Thank you. 


SEL said...

I used to take a night class too. Ironically, they were always my favorite class. The content was always awesome. It made it easier to go to class in the middle of winter!

Glad the first week is over!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Love that pic! 1 week down for you!

Sam M said...

I often took one night class a semester because of my work schedule I couldn't get all of my classes in during the day. That's great that you know some of the people in your classes, it always helps.

Elle Sees said...

haha i love it!! i found any class around 1-4 and i was super sleepy.

Dree said...

One week down! It's always hard to get into the routine of night classes in the winter, but hopefully the class is interesting enough that you can stay awake! I have three night classes this semester, along with a Monday morning class, so coffee will probably be the theme of this semester for me! Solidarity, sister.


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