January 10, 2013

The Swiss Style

Since my lovely trip home is slowly but surely coming to an end I decided to share with you a few things I came across while strolling through known alleys, seeing familiar faces and places, hearing and reading the news, and discovering my hometown as if I had never been there before. In no particular order...

Switzerland is one intense and crazy place (no wonder I chose my blog title! - haha!)
New people arrived in my little country and it's gotten crowded.
People are not as friendly, and those that are are sadly not Swiss.
Prices went up, which is no shocker...sure, let's pay $61 for a baked potato, a glass wine and water. No prob.
The winter fog is dense and annoying.
The fog/air combo is horrible and many suffer - including me.
Pastries are awesome...just saying.
Coffee is awesome, too. Soooo good.
Beer...need I say more?!
The tourists can be annoying.
The pickpockets are even more annoying. Luckily nothing happened but it makes you paranoid.
Language difficulties in my own language? Holy cow. I was shocked.
Kids drink way too much alcohol.

People think too much about ridiculous topics such as what color a chair should or shouldn't be.
The NEWS is important...if you don't watch it you are out.
Stores close early (no shocker for me) but I had to get used to it again.
I was happy not having to tip anyone - you either deserve it or you don't. Yeah, I know, I can be mean. 
Everything is on time. Like really on time. 5.54 is 5.54 and not 5.55.
Dogs are everywhere - even in restaurants.
I missed my favorite cafes, and restaurants.
I missed my favorite shops.
Loved seeing my favorite shoes, and clothes in my closet (I know silly!).
Streets are dirtier.

People dress better.
People also dress worse.
And...People dress up, even just going to the grocery store.
People in Switzerland just dress different, period.
The local radio station still plays the same songs. Ugh.
Carnival season aka "Fasnacht" is one season I will be missing for sure. 
People already are in Carnival mood.
I was alone most of the time & I was okay with that.
I discovered nothing new, but enjoyed every single corner and dust ball I saw.
Driving is something people here need to learn again.
Walking is something people need to learn too.
Pedestrians are invisible.
Green Vodka - yes please!
My friends are the best.
My friends' kids are awesome...so much life ahead of them.
 My health insurance is kicking my butt. Negatively.
Wireless is not always available in the city.
Foggy sunsets are breathtaking.
Walking is the best method of transportation.
Swans are gracious.
Mom started watching The Bachelor (help me!!!).
Historical buildings still fascinate me.
 Stubbornness is still a word I'd use to describe people here.

I'm proud to call this country and city my home.

Who wants to come visit it with me next time?!??? 

I had the pleasure in meeting the fun gal Ashley from She's Come Undone.
If you haven't stumbled upon her blog, you are missing out.
And word has it she may return to Luzern soon.
This city is beautiful.



Something Infinitely Interesting said...

i wish.. i hear it such a pretty place!

Christianna said...

This post made me miss your home town! Seriously I was just telling a friend of mine about all of the adventures I had in Switzerland!

Unknown said...

I just read her blog and was wondering if you got to meet her while she was there. I'll come next time with you!!

Jamie said...

Such an amazing place - you are a lucky girl.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Aw, this makes me a little a sad. It's always sad to hear that places are becoming overcrowded and that the people aren't becoming any nicer.


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