March 14, 2013

Gluten Free Update


To be honest. I wanted to do a weekly post about how I experience my gluten free world (just for lent - including Sundays, too, I'm going hardcore here - to remind everyone I am not gluten intolerant). I somehow could not do the weekly update. I worked hard to maintain my sanity by staying strong and really stay gluten free. And I did. With two sad and unforeseen expectations. One, we bought something assuming it was gluten free because it's technically all sugar and baaaaaaammmmm. Wheat was definitely in it. And two, I accidentally ate something that had malt extract in it. Crap. I suffered. Big time. It hurt. And yes this got me thinking. 

Did my body adjust?
Am I really gluten intolerant?

So, well, I suffered and dealt with the consequences. Stomach aches are not funny. At all. If you are celiac or have a gluten intolerance then yeah you may know how it feels to eat something that has gluten in it and how it hurts. 

Though...and to be honest again. I actually thought eating and living gluten free would be a lot more difficult. Not saying it's easy. Heck no. It's doable and actually helped me realize how much junk we as humans eat and drink and just long for. So glad I decided to do this. 

Here's what I learned so far:

My roommate was making his famous pesto pasta and forgot I couldn't eat it. Great. I ended up spooning out the veggies. {I don't care (yet) about cross-contamination.} So it was alright. But it sucked. Big time. Also, my favorite of all time best chips are a HUGE no no. So bummed out. Soy sauce is a no no. Yes, gluten free soy sauce exists but not every Sushi place offers it. Most pizza places now offer gluten free crusts at additional cost or for free. I go to Pieology and pay a buck more for my special crust. Gotta say I like that. But I want that fluffy crust too and can't have that one (yet). Most restaurants offer gluten free menus but heck, it's just not the same. I know, such a weird problem/setback.
Gluten free pasta, bread, cereal and what not is more expensive than normal stuff. However, you get to cherish eat bite and not gulp it all down. And, you get to portion stuff too. Besides the price I kind of like gluten free mac-n-cheese. Yummy.

Positive feedback:
I lost weight. High five, anyone?
Ok, I didn't fully need to lose any weight but it was a good way for me to see where all the fat I'm eating actually goes to. I can actually now fit into pants I couldn't fully or nicely fit into anymore. Yay.
More gluten free items are available than I thought, or let's say is more available now than ten years ago. I definitely like that fact. I feel less bloated, less fatigue, and just better. My friend M. noticed it too. My energy is back, but not fully and I think this has a lot to do with it. I'm amazed.

I still have officially two more weeks to go and I'm contemplating on continuing it. First, I'll probably eat a real burger with a real bun, and a few sweets and all. Then I see results (and since I already ate something that had gluten in it and I was in pain - I might see and feel more pain), and know how to go from there. YAY. I think.

What do you think?
Am I doing the right thing?

I think I am. ;)



Shelley said...

Man, that sounds so hard! But awesome that you lost weight! :)

Lisa said...

That is so hard to do! Keep it up girly!

Amy Green @ Sweet Home Amy said...

That is so impressive!

Sam M said...

Yeah it seems like even if you're not super gluten intolerant, it seems better for almost everyone not to eat gluten. You're making me want to try it. It definitely is most expensiev though. But I guess you're right, you cherish what you have to eat because it took more effort and more money. Good work for sticking to it.

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I am so impressed! I probably eat wayyy too much gluten! My friends are doing a juice cleanse and I am intrigued to try something like that too.

Amy Powell said...

I'm always amazed how much cutting something out of your diet really can affect you! way to keep this up, girl :) said...

way to go!! I can't imagine restricting my diet like that, but all the benefits sound good.

Sierra {Ocean Dreams} said...

I am so proud of you girl! I know it's hard to say no to things you are allergic too, but if you are pain free and feel better too (not to mention you lost weight) that's awesome! Good job.


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