March 13, 2013

The Song that's Stuck...'s happened again. I heard a song and baaaammm. It's stuck. Whenever I heard it I wonder what actually happened while this song was created. Then on second thought I just don't want to know. ;) I really do. Also, I can't stop moving and singing along...what's wrong with me now?!

Have you heard this one before?

Either way, let me know what you think...OMG :) 


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh man, I both love and hate when I get songs stuck in my head!

Leia A. said...

LOVE this album-- so good!

Leesh said...

Love this song. My hubby showed me a group doing a dance to Gorilla so now whenever I hear the song, I think of the dance. It's a great song.

I'm really into Losing You by Solange. I can't stop listening to it.


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