March 6, 2013

My friends...

My friends know me.
Some know me better, others know me just a little bit and pretend they know me.
Some friends or pretend-to-be friends wanna know me, but can't get around the wall I'm holding tight around me. Some wish I would act, think, behave, or just be different. I will not change myself for others.
I may know a little more trivia about a film, a show, a person, a place, a country or just any info than others. Sometimes I don't know anything at all. It's what it is. Don't judge, don't ask, don't frown. Accept it.

My awesome friend M. knew I needed a pick-me-up and that fast. She knew I had been feeling shitty for the past few weeks and felt like it was time to cheer me up. I wasn't happy-Selma and I wasn't secure-feeling Selma. She let me vent, she let me be me. I thank her for that. I truly appreciate her friendship! 
To cheer me up she randomly sends me texts with hot men. She knows me well. She also knows I'd bail her out if she ever came close to the same men because she could not contain herself and probably get herself into trouble. I'd probably collapse first (probably not, I can act my part and pretend everything's cool).

I'd bail her out...because she's my friend.
I'd have to just keep myself steady from not collapsing because if I saw both of these men (especially the first) I'm not so sure now if I'm the one who needs to bail someone out or if M needs to bail me out. Eeeeeek! :)

Hmmmm, my friend really knows me well.
I feel so much better right now. 

What do you think?!



Sam M said...

Having friends who just know when you need that pick me up is the best!

Ashley said...

Good choice of men :)

New Life in Spain said...

I am glad you are feeling better! And well, with those pictures a smile is bound to come up right? ;)


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