July 23, 2013


My lovelies,

As I am trying to soak up everything there is in my last two weeks in Europe I'm going to be busy organizing and arranging things. It's going to be a hectic but also a good time. So I thought I'd update you on a few things that happened over the past week, and weekend. And what better way to show you in pictures? :)

pink pants c/o Koton, grey blouse c/o Yargici, scarf c/o Old Navy, shoes c/o Rieker

This is one of my favorite outfits. :) And since I love to combine old items with newer ones I was in heaven when I found the polka dotted scarf I bought years ago. Matched perfectly.

Never mind the glasses or my funky smile. No idea what we laughed about but my friend and I had a blast with my camera...and it somehow made us giggle like little school girls. ;)

Well, if you are in Switzerland and you aren't going to visit Luzern, then part of your trip wasn't schedule right. Haha! A walk over the famous wooden bridge and a view over the water to the mountains is just awesome every time I see it. 

My quick trip to Germany was fun. I love Freiburg. It's bigger than Luzern but doesn't have that big city feel. Even though I'm a big city lover I love smaller towns that let me wander around for hours. I had my milk coffee and fruit/yogurt for snack time. Glad I'm not lactose intolerant.

Pink and black are my colors. They go with everything. And since it's warmed up in Europe it was time for me to paint my nails. By warming up I mean whatever my fellow Californians had in June with extreme heat is rolling into central Europe now. It's been hot for days, and it's getting hotter over the weekend. I love the heat, BUT, no AC kinda sucks and doesn't make it pleasant. Wish us luck.

It's July in Luzern and this means it's Blue Balls Festival again. All kind of artists domestic and international come to my hometown and bring out little place here a little funk, jazz, soul and what not. It's a very musical time and I love it. I wish I could have gotten tickets for Damien Rice or a German Group but oh well...I survive by not going. Or, I'm lucky and win those tickets?! Fingers crossed.
That's the view from our music hall overlooking the crowds and lake. Just beautiful, no?!

So yes, that's about it for right now. It's been hot, it's been fun at times also boring. However, I will miss this place dearly. I'm packing already. By doing so I'm already putting a lot of pressure on me, my body gets nervous and I'm automatically scared for what is to come in the next few months. I will be fine. I always have been. I just hate the whole travel part. Once I'm there I'll be fine. That much I know about me. 

Hope you are doing well.
Excuse me while I am a little busy here.
Besides, I gotta enjoy every second of this city while I can, right?



Why Girls Are Weird said...

Your nails are so pretty, I love that color!

Ashley said...

Look at how pretty Luzern looks in the sun!

Unknown said...

Your area has the best sounding festivals! I'm SO bummed that you'll be in utah, and I'll miss you by a week. We have the worst luck.


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