August 7, 2013

Back Again

I am fully back in California. Not yet adjusted but doing well. Jet lag is a nasty little thing but I'm handling it gracefully - with a coke bottle in one hand and sunglasses on 24/7 so no one would think bad about my tired puffy eyes. 

I have been mostly relaxing, unpacking, snuggling the doggies, and enjoying the cooler weather. Unfortunately, I received an email today that wasn't pleasant. A friend's husband passed away after his surgery last week and it's weird to think of this whole situation as even happening. I mean, I'm so far away and reading that this is happening right now is just so surreal. However, in other (better) news...I'm meeting one of my best friends today for a light dinner. Can't wait. I need my funky friend to cheer me up and distract me from everything. ;) Girl time is always fun, no?!

More updates on my whereabouts this summer, upcoming craziness, and reviews (I have two so far) will follow...I'm a little behind these days but I'm sure you are okay with that.

Missed you all.


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