August 25, 2013

Love was in the air - my little gossip of the day

My weekend was filled with one theme: LOVE.
Saturday my friend M and I left Orange County to drive all the way to Santa Barbara for a dress fitting. It was a gorgeous drive with a few stop and goes but we made it pretty much in time, and ah-ed and oh-ed when we saw our friend wear her wedding dress and getting it properly adjusted. We had Sushi for lunch, enjoyed the sun, and then changed for a next love event in Los Angeles; my amazing friend's, E, engagement party.

I loved this view; with or without a clear view over my favorite town. My simple phone camera might not have captured the whole beauty of this sunset with a view of downtown L.A. but trust me, it was beyond gorgeous. Plus, that lovely pair of palm trees just got to me - it was a love-filled weekend. 

Yes, these are mini cupcakes from Sprinkles! As you can see, they were gone pretty quickly.. So was their yummy ice cream. Loved the details of this party. Not only was it the location, it was the little thing...the candles, the flowers, the balloons, the s'mores cupcakes *so E's wish to have s'mores at her engagement party was granted*, the music, and the food just made this event perfect. The hostess did a fantastic job. Thanks again!! :)

How was your weekend?

Linking up with Leeann and her weekly Monday Morning Gossip.

All photos taken with my ordinary phone camera.
Professional photos and links follow.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Fun!! Sounds like quite the weekend! Good food, friends, and sights :)

Thanks for linking up!

Amy Powell said...

what a perfect weekend :) that view is pretty & I love all the balloons. sounds like an awesome time!


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