August 9, 2013

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday my lovelies.
I've been MIA I know.
Jet lag is gone. Yay.
Suitcase is unpacked, and clothes are stored away.
The dogs love me again (as if they ever did not love me).
The sun's sorta out, and the palm trees call my name.
I've met my best friend Wednesday for dinner and a much needed fun evening.
I've had sushi already (duh??!!!).
And I'm enjoying GF food available all over...thank you.

I still need to get into the swing of things.
However, I'm back and I'm loving it.

All I need to do is catch up with you all and meet up more friends I have missed over the past two months.

Going to a wedding shower this weekend will keep me busy.
Main problem:
What am I going to wear?!!

What about you? Any fun plans ready for the weekend?

Have a fabulous one.


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Why Girls Are Weird said...

Maybe you need to go SHOPPING!

Ashley said...

Wear a cute lil' dress.


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