September 2, 2013

Gluten rant on Labor Day 2013

This weekend was tough.
I wanted to enjoy a long, fun weekend with friend but I ended up sick.
I must have eaten something incredibly wrong a.k.a gluten that simply made me suffer.
I was very careful but apparently not careful enough.
So, while I was in pain and in constant fear I'd either throw up or faint in front of my friends I tried to enjoy life and not ruin it for anyone. I was a good sport until we got home.

Without going into too much detail here (because you really don't want to know details) I have to say I was happy I found pills that may actually help. However, like all kinds of pills...they never work right away so I can't say for sure that they help.
Needless to say, I woke up Sunday to an empty stomach. I was starving.
Glad someone promised to make French Toast.
I was prepared and had my GF bread ready.
And then I get laughed at.
Now, was the whole situation laughed at that I provided my own bread or was the fact that I had one of the worst days of the week the fun factor? I was hurt. 
I mean, I understand if you don't get the fact that something in the food may cause you pain.
I understand that you can eat everything and I cannot.
I get it that you can order fried this and fried that at a sports bar and rub it in like it's no big deal because, yes, it's not to you.
I also understand that it is hard to adjust.
I am still adjusting. And it is isn't easy.
I know all that.
But for crying out loud, don't laugh at me, my bread, and my whole situation.

I didn't choose to be allergic, nor did I choose to feel sick if I happen to eat something bad.
I had eaten something bad before and I only got cramps so this was new to me.
But, like everything else, I need to adjust and I had an awesome friend help me get my bread from Trader Joe's so I could actually enjoy sandwiches and homemade French Toast.
And then I get laughed at.
Maybe whoever laughed me didn't mean it that way.
But heck, it hurt.
I was about to cry.
I think I even did. 

Glad I'm not allergic to wine.
That would be the end of it all.

So, yeah, I know, I should be used to it...and maybe yes, I am.
I shouldn't though...right?



Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

When I first went gf I would get SO sick if I accidentally ate it. Now two years later I just get a little headache.

What I've found helps is if you eat it keep eating and drinking to help move it through your system faster.

Good luck, it gets easier!

Sam M said...

That's so lame that they laughed, no matter their intention behind it. There is a guy at our farmer's market that sells gluten free baked goods. They're the most bread like ones I've tasted. He said he uses like 13 ingredients in order to make it as close to what gluten does as possible.


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