September 20, 2013

I'm a Girl...

I have been MIA for a while.
Cannot believe I only wrote one post this week, well, two adding this one today.
It has been a very hectic week and I am more than just happy to announce that I loved it too.
I am beyond drained and the week isn't even over yet.
I am on schedule though, so I'm not totally freaking out. 

Looking at the above photo I have to say YES, I am a girl and not a toy.
I posted this because a lot has happened this week or even last week that made me think this way.
I am girl, or a woman (technically I am not 22 anymore, or 25 or 27).

I don't think I should be seen as a female that just cleans after people, and takes over the household. Don't get me wrong. I don't mind doing it but I hate doing it when it's expected. I don't want to come home and see a messy kitchen or hear the words "what's for dinner" when I come home after a 12-hour day drained, exhausted and ready to sleep. Neither does my roommate. I am not a toy. I am not a servant. I am not a mother cleaning up after you. I am also not a barbie doll you can toss around or play with. I am me. Busy. Working. Studying. Learning. Living life. Trying to enjoy life. 

I contribute as much as I can. So I expect you to do the same. It's a give and take. It's a friendship, it's a relationship, it's a community. There is just so much we can do, but it needs to be acknowledged. 

We had lots of discussions this week in class and outside of class and it always astonishes me how much our society pushes us to do the right (or wrong thing). Our main discussion was the female and her role in society. Today, back a hundred years ago and who knows when. Today, we are more open-minded or so we think. Though, do we still think the woman does the household only? Do we really think the woman has to cook, clean, organize, grocery shop, and what not? Do we still think it is wrong to date younger men versus older men? Or why is it okay for men to date younger (sometimes much much younger women) but it is not okay for women to do the same thing? Who says it's wrong? Why? When did that even come up? 

So, as for me. I am a girl and not a toy. 
I don't care what people say or think. 
I do what I think fulfills me, makes me happy, makes me feel whole.
If that is not cleaning up after people, or baking for twelve people, or just sleeping in then so be it.
If that involves dating a younger man or an older man, or not cooking, or just sitting in front of the TV waiting for delivery to show up then so be it.

I am me.
Don't treat me as a toy or a tool.
I'm a girl who just deserves some respect and acknowledgment. 


P.s. My vent for today is over! Wishing you a great weekend. I miss you all.


Sam M said...

Ugh. I don't want to be that traditional type of woman. That sounds terrible.

Ashley said...

Unfortunately society somehow expects women to be perfect in every way. It's enraging, and of course there's more to be done to break this stereotype...but we're slowly getting there I think!


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