September 26, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

It has been a long week.
My bestie's birthday was Monday, my cousin's yesterday.
New TV shows started, and I had a major exam too which I totally passed with flying colors. 
Also, my roommates all left for the East Coast and we were pretty busy dealing with packing, organizing, dropping off and all that jazz. I'm dog sitting so to speak and I'm loving it. 

I have been MIA big time...but to be honest there's not a lot I could have shared...maybe a few "how to" posts on stress, school, flying cross country, or what not. Though I am not sure if it would have been any good. Not much else really is happening here...fall is approaching and I'm getting excited. However, if you know SoCal weather...fall is happening in December or maybe January...not in September or October...but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it'll cool down soon.

So....with that being said....

Happy last days of September...and happy early Spring!!!!!!


P.s. and yes I'm currently drinking wine...otherwise my title wouldn't work as much. ;)


Mree said...

Glad to hear that you passed your exam! Well done!! Enjoy the wine, you deserve it.

Best, Mree

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Welcome back lady! You've been missed!


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