September 1, 2013

Switzerland Update

It's loooooooong overdue. Ridiculous of me to totally forget about it all. I'm appalled. Well, then again, I was busy traveling, re-adjusting, organizing, and realizing that I am indeed not in Europe anymore. So, here I am photo updating you on my lovely trip east so to speak. At this point right now, I don't know if I see my folks again next year. It all depends on my school (yes, almost done!), and opportunities in life. Life does happen wherever you are, so I take it day by day. So here's a little recap - in no particular order ;)

I spent most of my time eating foods I missed. However, I also had the hardest time readjusting my guts and telling my mind that whatever I miss eating I simply can't eat anymore. I substituted most of the time, and learned to love new foods, new ways to build food memories that remind me of home.

I wish I lived in this house. Not sure why they had a stage up front but really, all I care about is to live in that house. :) 

Anyone want some sweets?! Most of them are gluten free in case you were wondering.

Not much more happened when I went over there...I ate, I drank, I slept in, I survived another European heat wave, I also survived summer rain, and I survived not having GF food or menus available. It was a good trip. It was a long trip but it was worth seeing my mom again...and a few close friends and family. However, I'm glad to be back in California. It's home after all.

Happy September 1st everyone!!!! Cannot believe that a month ago I was still in Europe! WOW.



Monic Rose said...

all of these pictures makes me want to go !

Sam M said...

Can I live in that house with you? I can't believe that place is your home, well other home. It's just such a beautiful country.


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